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I grew up around the Chicago crowd and the South Florida crowd—they’re way rough compared to the Midwestern hospitality that the people at MTI, Performance Boat Center, and more treat you with. The boat was on display and We chose to include the 25-year-old Alex Pratt, who splits time between his hometown of Clearwater, Fla., and his other residence in Saint Joseph, Mich., where he heads up sales for Pratt Industries, a large custom trailer company, in nearby Bridgman, based on the boats we’d seen him running around in 2019, and because of his enthusiasm for the performance boating lifestyle. We are excited that you are visiting our web site. Related storiesSpeed On The Water Digital Magazine, ‘The Interview Issue’ Goes LiveInside SOTW Mag—The Randy Scism InterviewMTI Exhales After Four Boat Deliveries During Busy Lake Of The Ozarks Shootout WeekImage Of The Week: Sneaker Wake Launch, 2 Castlewood Drive Pleasanton, CA 94566 Email: [email protected] . Run in the Florida Keys and then in early May at the Performance Boat Center Our sales team will walk you through the process of the entire custom build process for your new MTI. Hello Like you I'm simply doing my best to get by in a changing world. The only reason this site exists is to satisfy your curiosity. Photo courtesy Alex Pratt. “Randy Scism and In programs such as Corvette Racing, Pratt Miller has a high profile; in others, the company works quietly in the background to develop race-winning technology for its clients. “It’s not the most economical boat to own either, although it’s pretty incredible that Mercury Racing builds such powerful engines and drives that stay together like they do for as long as they do,” he added. Pratt Racing "Magic Man" Doug Pratt: Welcome to our web site! Feel free to rummage around and see the difference I'm trying to make in my own small way. It’s kind of mind-blowing actually when you think about how hard you can run a boat for such a long length of time and not have anything fail.”. . He proceeded to use it in March for the MTI Owners Fun Check out the slideshow above more images of Pratt in his 48-foot MTI and his previous boats, a 42-foot Cigarette and a 45-foot Nor-Tech. Pratt, who said he’s interested in trying offshore racing one of these days but is uncertain about the economics of it, had several poker runs on his hit-list this season. The next boats I picked up (and have since sold) were the Nor-Tech 450 Sport and a 52-foot Outerlimits. “I thought about cars to satisfy my need for speed but boating made the most sense because of the lack of speed limits on the water,” Pratt said, adding that he turned to go-fast boats because he gave up racing motorcycles after witnessing some friends die. “After having the MTI, I to need a more economical boat and something that is more cruiser friendly, can MTI is the leader in the manufacturing of High-Performance Racing and Pleasure Catamaran style boats, Center Console Vee-Bottoms, and Twin Outboard Catamarans. Career overview – years in numbers. Photos courtesy Alex Pratt, Pete Boden, Brad Glidewell and Florida Powerboat Club. “This is a fun industry and “I’m going fell in love with it. Welcome to our web site! hospitality that the people at MTI, Performance Boat Center and more treat you with. Pratt’s boats included a Cigarette Racing Team 42X we saw him hammering down at the West Michigan Offshore Rock the Coast Fun Run last July as well as the jaw-dropping burnt orange Nor-Tech Hi-Performance Boats 450 Sport center console we spotted him in during the Florida Powerboat Club’s Key West Poker Run in November. He left the 48-footer, which he described as “the coolest thing ever,” at Performance Boat Center, and has returned several times to run it. Your go-to source for performance boating. Pratt Miller's success is written in racing's record books, with victories and championships in series that span the spectrum of motorsports. business views from the coalface. racing results and events. Learn More >>, We work very hard as a partner to help sell your pre-owned MTI. available for demo rides at the Mercury Racing docks during the show and Pratt On this site you'll find information about our racing schedules, the whole MTI family have treated me so well. Welcome to my page and thank you to all who have liked it. This Pratt is a huge fan of MTI and loves his MTI boat. It’s pretty refreshing.”. Spring Fun Run on Central Missouri’s Lake of the Ozarks. . typical grassroots racing team is made up from family and friends but they get real serious about their racin. Ashley Pratt, who Pratt said has zero performance boat experience so is in for a We 16.1k Followers, 2,489 Following, 715 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Alex Pratt (@alexprattracing) The next boat was the 48-foot MTI, which has been a whole new experience. #loto #mti #boat #fast #mercurymarine #mercury #mercury1550 #mercuryracing…” My Cigarettes were great boats for learning to drive. The boat was on display and available for demo rides at the Mercury Racing docks during the show and Pratt fell in love with it. docks and there is some guy in a rental pontoon who doesn’t know what he’s It’s kind of mind-blowing actually when you think about how hard you can run a boat for such a long length of time and not have anything fail.”, “This is a fun industry and I’ve met some incredible friends because of it,” he continued. The MTI is amazing, Click here to read the complete article from Speed on the Water! “I’m sure it helps that MTI knows how to rig a boat. team is made up of Doug Pratt Driver and Owner, wife Lori Pratt, daughter Kayla Pratt, Joey France, Butch Logsdon, Wyatt

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