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another evil ending explained

Alice and her team manage to rescue Angela, and as promised, Ashford gives them an exit point where they can catch a helicopter ride out of the city. The audience has already learned that the T-virus was allegedly created by Dr. Charles Ashford, but in Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, viewers hear a different story. One of Hollywood's foremost auteurs, Malick has never been in any real rush to explain his movies, and Tree of Life is no different. He communicates with her through gravity, thus guiding her to unlock the equation that helps humanity escape Earth. Moreover, Selina Kyle is there, wearing Wayne's mother's necklace, which she steals at the beginning of the movie. Impressionable and lost, Thomasina swears allegiance to Black Phillip, and joins his coven of witches in the woods. The world needs someone younger, like his father, to light the way in the ever-growing darkness around it—exactly like the second dream Bell describes. This is the Resident Evil timeline, explained. But Mitchell uses it as the setup for a pretty devilish little film. "The movie is hypnotic; we're drawn along as if one thing leads to another but nothing leads anywhere, and that's even before the characters start to fracture and recombine like flesh caught in a kaleidoscope," he mused. Even for the late '60s, it's pretty nutty stuff. Unlike a few of the movies on this list, figuring out The Babadook isn't that difficult—provided you keep up with the sudden change in perspective in the final act. After battling it out with a few zombies during their escape from the facility, Alice, Becky, and a few of her allies escape in a helicopter, the preferred mode of long-distance transportation in the Resident Evil universe. Deep under Raccoon City, Umbrella maintains a secretive facility known as "the Hive," where they run unorthodox experiments. Without her special abilities, Alice has to rely on her own strength and critical thinking skills to survive, and in Resident Evil: Afterlife, she's definitely pushed to her limits. But it went horribly wrong — anyone who gets so much as a scratch from one of these zombies will turn into one of the living dead. Other bits and pieces of Alice's past are unearthed, like her plans to go public with information about Umbrella's dangerous dealings. David Lynch fans don't watch his work for straightforward narratives, but even in the context of his endearingly weird filmography, 2001's Mulholland Drive is tough to figure out. The T-virus could not be contained, and now, Alice knows that the entire population of Raccoon City has likely been infected. In the end, Thomasina's family has been devastated by infighting and madness stoked by provocations of the evil in the woods, resulting in the death of her father, and leading her to kill her own mother in self-defense.

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