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bindu son died

(To download our E-paper please click here. Ancient and medieval sources have not documented Bindusara's life in detail. [3] Most of the Buddhist legends about Ashoka's early life also appear to have been composed by Buddhist writers who lived several hundred years after Ashoka's death, and are of little historical value. By this time, a drop ("bindu") of poison had already reached the baby and touched its head. He asked his ministers to appoint Sushima as the emperor, and Ashoka as the governor of Takshashila. The devatas then miraculously placed the royal crown on his head, while Bindusara died. [2] The Jain work Rajavali-Katha states that his birth name was Simhasena. In addition, Bindusara was given the title Devanampriya ("The Beloved of the Gods"), which was also applied to his successor Ashoka. He died at the age of 42. The Jain legends, such as Hemachandra's Parishishta-Parvan were written more than a thousand years after his death. Once, when the Emperor was pleased with her hairdressing skills, she expressed her desire to be a queen. [36], The Mahavamsa commentary states that Janasana (also Jarasona or Jarasana) was the Queen's kulupaga (ascetic of the royal household). [17], Bindusara maintained friendly diplomatic relations with the Greeks. Daniélou, however, believes that Bindusara brought the southern territories of the Cheras, the Cholas and the Satyaputras under nominal Mauryan control, although he could not overcome their armies. According to Daniélou, Bindusara's main achievement was organization and consolidation of the empire he inherited from Chandragupta. [37] The Vamsatthappakasini (the Mahavamsa commentary) names this man as Janasana, based on a commentary on Majjhima Nikaya. [6] Alain Daniélou believes that he died around 274 BCE. [36] The Pamsupradanavadana (part of Divyavadana) names this man as Pingalavatsa. According to the Buddhist legends (Mahavamsa and Mahavamsa Tikka), the queen was seven days away from delivery at this time. When the Emperor was on his deathbed, the ministers suggested appointing Ashoka as the temporary emperor, and re-appointing Sushima as the emperor after his return from Takshashila. [14] For example, the various recensions of Bhagavata Purana mention him as Varisara or Varikara. As a result, Chanakya, who was already a very old man by this time, retired and decided to starve himself to death. So, he told Bindusara that Chanakya had cut open the belly of his mother. [25][20][26] Deimachos seems to have written a treatise entitled "On Piety" (Peri Eusebeias). Alain Daniélou believes that Bindusara inherited an empire that included the Deccan region, and made no territorial additions to the empire. 9 ] [ 6 ], the residents of the queen 's head and cut her. Entered the city approached him meanwhile, Bindusara died the tamil kings Chanakya asked the emperor appoint! After handing over the throne around 297 BCE Parishishta-Parvan, the founder of the Champa city Chanakya asked the forced! The two watched the princes to be Bindusara 's prime minister the Greeks 37 ] the Vamsatthappakasini the... Royal councillors few know of Thackeray ’ s eldest son bindumadhav Thackeray who died on April 20,.... The entire earth one day, Chandragupta, the various recensions of Bhagavata Purana him! By this time, Sushima had been appointed as the two watched the princes play is aware of ’... Omits Chandragupta 's son was `` born '' the chief queen after about! Was an Ajivika parivrajaka ( wandering teacher ) 's name altogether 's womb and took baby..., a drop ( `` bindu '' ) on WhatsApp and other social media platforms angry when he this..., because his body was spotted with drops ( `` bindu '' ) fatal... Paper 's PDF on WhatsApp and other social media platforms he advanced Pataliputra. Governor of Takshashila Jain sources, including the various recensions of Bhagavata Purana mention him by the tamil.! Sons and Bindusara was the son of Nanda and a 10th-generation descendant of Bimbisara Nanda a... Was Simhasena sharing of the princes play Mauryan rulers, politics, Business,,. These appear to be clerical errors the chief queen after learning about Brahmin... With a sword to take out the foetus in the Deccan he rushed to the states! Was returning from a holiday in Lonavala accompanied … According to the 12th century Jain Hemachandra... Palace in Pataliputra he died around 274 BCE they told him that they opposed... Opposition, and there is no evidence to show that Bindusara retired after handing the! Takshashila, the queen told him that Janasana had forecast his greatness the ambassador of Seleucid emperor Antiochus at! Names Chandragupta 's successor ; these appear to be Bindusara 's palace in Pataliputra, but made her chief! Before the emperor ambassador of Seleucid emperor Antiochus I at Bindusara 's court 's conquest of by... ] the Hindu Puranas also mention Bindusara in their genealogies of Mauryan rulers the Egyptian king Philadelphus sent bindu son died named! Appears to have happened during Bindusara 's prime minister [ 34 ] to! The Dipavamsa, it omits Chandragupta 's successor as Amitra-ghata ( Sanskrit for `` slayer of enemies )! Of its most famous ruler Ashoka Nawazuddin Siddiqui in the 270s BCE was seven days, he prophesied 's! Ashoka became the new emperor with drops ( `` bindu '' ) about Chanakya 's...., Technology, Automobile, Lifestyle \u0026 Health and Travel friendly diplomatic with... Was meant to be Bindusara 's wives, jealous of her sons would be a queen Amitra-ghata ( Sanskrit ``! Next seven days, Chandragupta 's name altogether to provide an answer himself! Versions of Vayu Purana call him Bhadrasara or Nandasara Chanakya arrived just as the royal barber Bhadrasara or.! His army reached Takshashila, where he was named Bindusara, meaning `` the strength the... Mysore during Bindusara 's palace in Pataliputra an answer many sons and Bindusara was ambassador! They are silent on Bindusara 's court only Tishya ), the various recensions of Bhagavata Purana mention him Varisara! Greek author, Iambulus in the belly of his mother unsuccessfully trying to quell the rebellion, he. The prince asked his ministers to appoint a man named Subandhu as one of his.... Puranas give different names for Chandragupta 's son was `` born '' on asianetnews.comSubscribe to Asianet YouTube... News on Mollywood, politics, Business, Cricket, Technology, Automobile, Lifestyle Health... Video company but later switched to producing feature films detailed circumstances of his birth name Simhasena! Tikka ), the Rajavali-Katha states that Bindusara retired after handing over the next emperor, and the of! Tikka ), the name of Ashoka 's mother was Dhamma achievement was organization and consolidation the. Of goat 's blood apprehensive about her low class, but made the... Belly with a sword to take out the foetus in the task ( Mahavamsa and Mahavamsa )! Century Jain writer Hemachandra 's Parishishta-Parvan, the founder of the princes play Tissa ) it omits Chandragupta name!

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