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cattle feed bunk ideas

This Calf Feeder Pen is available in a variety of sizes: 8' x 8' or  8' x 16' or 12' x 12'. HAY FEEDER, 4'X15'X5', VEE-SHAPED FEEDSPACES, SKIDS, HAY FEEDER, 6.5'X22'X8', HOPPERED-SLATTED RACK, SKIDS, CATTLE SQUEEZE, WOOD CONSTRUCTION, LEVER OPERATED, AUTOMATIC GATE, 5'X15', MANUAL-PULL LEVER-OPERATED, WOOD GATES 5 TYPES, STILES & FENCE PASSAGEWAYS 3 TYPES ('39), GENERAL BARN, 32'X36', 2 STRY, POST-BEAM GABLEROOF, AUTO BUMPER GATE, 11'W EA SIDE CENTER POST, CABLE SUPPORTED, CATTLE BRN, L-SHAPE, 24'X48'&72', RAISED-TIE GbR, ALLEY F'DR, SALT BOX, 3'X5' HIGH, 1-SIDE ACCESS, POST-FRAME, SALT BOX, 3'X6' HIGH, 1-SIDE ACCESS, POST-FRAME, LIVESTOCK LOADING RAMP, 6'X14', EARTH FLOOR, WC, ML, CATTLE BARN, 30'X75', TR, POST FRAME, CF, ALLEY FEEDBUNK, CATTLE LOAD CHUTE ON 2 WHEEL AXLE, 4'X8'X5', GRAIN-EAR CORN STRG, 16X16X10, DRIER & CATTLE FDR, GbR,SKIDS, CATTLE STOCK, 6'X3'X6' WOOD FRAME, CANVAS SLING, SKIDS, CATTLE GUARD, 10' WIDE, WOOD CONSTRUCTION, CATTLE GUARD, 10' WIDE, WOOD & CONCRETE CONST. Number 8860726. thick. Steelcor Cattle Hay Feeder. Our Bale Feeders are manufactured with heavy duty pipe making them the most durable on the market. Actually, it was under the feet of 4,000 yearlings that were tromping a lot of dried distillers grains (DDGs) into the ground as they jostled for position after the feed wagon went by. BREEDING RACK FOR CATTLE, 4'X9' + REAR GATES, PERMANENT, CATTLE FENCE-LINE FEEDER, ShR, POLEFRAME, CONC. And Carson’s website at repurposed They’re tough, he reasoned. CHOOSE FROM 3 H-BUNK SIZES. “But it certainly seems we’ve cut our waste down considerably. CONC., BELOWGRADE + PENS, EARTH-COV. & WAGON OR CATTLE WEIGH, 24X28 + BINS, GRAIN STORAGE, SEED & CATTLE FEED PROC, TWO SYSTEMS, GRAIN STORAGE-TRACTOR PTO FEED PROC - WAGON WEIGH, 24X28, GRAIN-FEED HANDLING, 36X30 W/DRIVE UNDER BIN, GbR, POLEFRAME, GRAIN STORAGE-CATTLE FEED PROC, 24X64, W/SCALE& ADJ. Feeding frequency also has an impact on bunk space. BELOWGRADE, DRIP PEN 19X20, MATERNITY & CALF BARN LAYOUT, 34'X60', CENTER ALLEY, CATTLE GUARD, 10'W, WOOD CONSTRUCTION WITH PIT, CATTLE GUARD, 10'W, CONCRETE AND WOOD WITH PIT, CATTLE WATERER, 4' DIAM. All Creep Feeders are portable with up to 2 1/2 ton of feed at a speed of 15mph. Heavy Duty Feed Bunks with a triple weld center splice. The neck bars are fully adjustable for up and down spacing. Visit the Retailer Locator to find the closest store. Eventually, he found some at a power plant, but the supply was limited and not what he was looking for. So we designed this Horse Basket Feeder with all of those ideas in mind and based it off of our Hay Saving Bale Feeders. Bunks oriented east-west can have ice accumulate on the north side of the bunks in winter. Entry height is 22” so even lightweight calves can utilize the Feed Bunks. Jenkins figures he’ll spend between $125,000 and $175,000 for DDGs/ranch, depending on price and trucking costs. But that, he says, is the beauty of what he does. Of course, there are always feed bunks. Visit the Retailer Locator to find your closest store. Easily installed right on the ground or your cement pad. Available as individual panels for use to keep cows out of an area but let the calves go through. Easy to fold up with your loader. Super Bunk Kits Call Wieser, Concrete they stepped right up for us. Creativity knows no bounds on the ranch, particularly when saving money is important. You can see the difference. Wheeler still has five or six of the treads left, and plans to use them in his processing barn and in high-traffic areas in his alleys. They offer the nicest looking pre cast concrete around! Another load of super bunks on it's way! They serve a dual purpose by giving you a fence and a place for your cattle to eat. Here are feed bunks that provide the extra large capacity you need for beef cattle on a full feed of silage, or that herd of extra large dairy cows. wide, they fit perfectly when laid three across on his scales. But you can’t go to the local used conveyor belt store and buy it. The Calf Feeder Pen is a supplement feeding area for calves. “Farmers and ranchers are some of the smartest, most creative people when it comes to a problem and trying to figure out how to solve it,” Carson says. For a number of years now creep feeding calves on summer grazing has paid benefits in heavier and healthier calves at weaning, better utilization of summer grass and higher stocking rates. “We saw those and wondered if that would work in an alley or on the scales.” Wheeler thought he’d give them a try, figuring that if they didn’t work on the scales, he’d use them where they push cattle into the processing barn or other places in the alley where it gets slick. The added depth eliminates waste and saves feed because animals eat in a more natural head down position, minimizing the tossing of feed. The extra deep 60” wide bunks are ideal for putting out more feed. EA., POS. Our Self Feeder will fulfill your needs whether you are feeding in the lot or on grass. We had one in the yard fill with snow over the winter and we just lifted it with the skid loader, banged it on the ground and the snow fell out. Great family business! The extra capacity of these extra deep bunks also makes them ideal for split bunk feeding using heavy silage rations. HAY STORAGE 40X104, 2 ADJ. Use the 'Ctrl + F' shortcut to bring up the "Find" box. “University of Nebraska research shows there’s probably 30-40% waste if you just dump the DDGs on the ground and let those cattle try to pick it up, especially the sandy ground up in the Sandhills,” Jenkins says. It also deterred coons. Jenkins feeds the DDGs with a live-bottom protein wagon. Since 1945 farmers and ranchers around the world have counted on the Tarter family to help improve life on their land. CHOOSE FROM 3 H-BUNK SIZES. Much of it doesn’t have an obvious use but Carson says he’ll keep listening to his customers for new ways to use old stuff. The horses won't pull out as much and it also saves their manes because they can't get their heads into the feeders. Galvanized Cradle Bale Feeder. H��˕�E�-�_O�n/�^���e�? CALF WARMER-DRYER, 30"X4'X5', TUBEFRAME, PORTABLE, WINDBREAK FENCE, SPACED-BOARDS 8' HIGH (DICKINSON), WINDBREAK FENCE, 14'X14'X14', SPACED BOARDS, SKIDS, CATTLE GUARD, 2'X4', CONCRETE CONES, 2.75" CENTERS, STRAW SHED FOR SHEEP OR CATTLE, 24X90, SIDEWALL DOOR, STRAW BARN FOR CATTLE, 20X28, ENDWALL W/DOOR, CALF TABLE, 4'X7', HAND OPERATED, CHUTE LAYOUT (CALIF.), HAY SELF FEEDERS & FEEDBNK; RAILFENCE, SLOPED SLAT-FL, SKIDS, LAZY SUSAN FEEDBUNK, 14' DIAM, 1/2 HP, WOOD CONSTRUCTION, CATTLE SELF FEEDER, 14X16, 300 BU, PLYWOOD, SKIDS, MATLS LIS, GENERAL BARN, 34'X60', GbR, 15 COWS, 10 CALVES, HORSES. I asked them what they wanted to do with it. Easily installed on dirt, gravel or concrete. This inexpensive Pen will help to put that extra weight on your calves. CATTLE LOAD CHUTE, 6'X10', 2-WH. You can get it as a one bale or two bale. Jenkins had been using the conveyor belt system for just a month or two when this was written, so he didn’t have any hard figures.

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