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We support and promote woman in the Action Entertainment industry. And the last night of the shoot, somebody came riding up on the Ducati, and there was a big red bow on it, and it was mine. Debbie on the Ducati 996 she got for her work on The Matrix Reloaded. You know, it's always helpful to know what the story is. “I was really shy, so I can't even picture how I did that at that time!” she says. Debbie Evans (born February 5, 1958) is an American former motorcycle observed trials competitor and current stunt actor. Despite an 18-year break from stunt acting to raise her kids, she managed to stay in the game. Women In Stunts is dedicated to women in action, the stunt performers who make action films and TV so exciting. By 1976, she became the first woman to reach the rank of expert, successfully competing against the men. Terms of Use to earn ZillaCash on your next purchase with us. Debbie Evans Stuntwoman Debbie Evans is considered one of Hollywood's top stunt women. Please, Motocrosser to stunt rider to camera innovator in the movies, Judging the Portland Motorcycle Film Festival, Four TV and movie bikes you can buy to amaze and mystify your friends, Video: Making a motorcycle chase scene in "Deadpool". 12, 2017 4:56PM ET / Published Aug. 11, 2015 12:00AM ET Photo provided by Debbie Evans. What happens is if you hit with the front wheel and then the bars hit your legs and break your femurs then it's just a bad deal. It was around then that she began to grab the attention of the press, not only for her trials competitions, but also for the bike shows she did. This story has been shared 100,411 times. The guy that was on the back and I didn't break anything. Photo provided by Debbie Evans.DE: Well, it depends on what we're doing. But once the director yelled action, “I think he got a little bit over-amped and cut over much harder,” Evans says, downplaying the danger she was in. And that's the closest I've ever come, you know? In the driver’s seat with top female stunt driver Debbie Evans. Because you know, I'm really proud of the work. BT: So it sounds like the stunt director already has sort of a vision, but you guys come in and kind of play it out? While filming The Jerk, a wall of fire she was supposed break through ended up coming with her, wood and flames and all. Redeem That's how it begins. Photo provided by Debbie Evans.DE: I still feel like I'm in my 20s in my head. RevZilla will match any advertised price on new merchandise available through another authorized U.S. dealer. Debbie performed stunts in many other films in the Fast and Furious franchise. It was that close. $5 for every $100 you spend on eligible items and brands. BT: That's just amazing that you walked away from that mostly unhurt. Other than Wonder Woman (whom she doubled), there really weren’t many women in major action roles requiring stunt doubles. We worked for three months on that. I drove the Cadillac CTS and rode the Ducati 996 on that one. It certainly helped that she is the daughter of David Evans, also a pro motorcycle racer featured in the classic documentary On Any Sunday. Debbie’s very first trophy, at age 9. Stunt acting is without a doubt what Debbie was born to do, and there are few others out there with the guts and skills to do it to the extremes that she does. “And I looked at him and said, ‘You’re going to pay me to play? Debbie won two of her many Taurus World Stunt Awards for doubling Michelle Rodriguez in The Fast and the Furious (2002), and has continued with the franchise in the subsequent films. She is living proof that keeping a lust for life and an openness to forever developing your techniques are qualities that will never do you wrong. Sitemap I'm gonna count to see how many seconds I can stay up in there. Stunt legend Debbie Evans, veteran of over 200 films including Terminator 2 and The Fate of the Furious, tells us what it takes to nail big screen action scenes. I actually thought I'd make a mistake, and when I looked at it later on, I went, "No!" See all photos. The Emmy was an ensemble. And they sound so good. Evans, a 43-year veteran stunt driver, once got lectured about motorcycle tire pressure from a huffy “CHiPs”crew member in the late ’70s. How it works: Sign in “When I got started in the business women were just getting the opportunity to do stunts because of affirmative action,” Evans says. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! I’m inspired by her drive to push limits and impressed and amazed that throughout a 40-year career her hospital records aren’t more extensive. And I said, "Red!" If you’ve seen Terminator 2, The Matrix Reloaded, Batman & Robin, or any of the hundreds of films she’s been a part of, then you’ve seen parts of the epic career this 59-year-old stunt woman still leads. And while they're doing that, we are doing slow-speed rehearsals, usually a half-speed rehearsal. Debbie Evans 7x Taurus World Stunt Award Winner w/over 300 screen credits since 1977. DE: It's actually easier to get into now because when I got in you either had to have a Screen Actors Guild card or you had to know somebody who could get you in and I didn't have either one. And that was done with my leg and the foot peg. A few of her most notable scenes include stunt doubling Carrie Anne Moss in The Matrix Reloaded (2003) where she drove a Cadillac CTS and rode a Ducati 996 in the famous freeway chase sequence. That should be a woman!’”. I feel like I had been training every day of my entire life to be a stunt driver and I just happened to fall right into it.”, Evans’ first film credit was “Death Sport” and since then her projects have gotten increasingly higher in profile. Debbie Evans remembers her first job as a stunt driver. We start as soon as the sun comes up, and we work until the sun goes down. So I was on the bike, and, you know, it went real good, probably four times. But I heard the rear tires screeching, and I got on the brakes as hard as I could and I went over to the right as far as I could, and the top, the back of the truck, trailer, went over my front fender, and hit the wall right in front of us. BT: You’ve gotten some serious acclaim. And then we went to do it a fifth time, and one of the cars that were supposed to take a different lane, and I was supposed to take the lane that car was in, when I got to it, it hadn't moved yet. Photo provided by Debbie Evans. Women stunt performers train to be the best they can be and we support and promote each and every woman in the Entertainment industry. Debbie Evans is one of Hollywood’s top stunt women. Debbie performs her headstand in front of 42,000 people at the Camel Pro Series race. Photo provided by Debbie Evans.DE: A trials bike has a tighter steering radius than a street bike or an enduro bike or whatever, but you just turn the wheel so that it kind of makes a triangle type thing, a nice angle for you to use the front brake to hold it. BT: Okay. It's like the Pioneering Stunt Woman award. You're not serious." Contact Info View agent, publicist, legal on IMDbPro Filmography. There's so many motorcycles, and, you know, there's good ones for all different things. DE: Yeah, we had four lanes of cars coming head-on, and me going against traffic, and then four of those cars were making lane changes. Debbie's first movie stunt was jumping a 30-foot ravine on a Yamaha DT400 in Deathsport. I still love what I do and I'm very grateful to be able to do it. What's your favorite motorcycle? An action shot from The Matrix Reloaded with Debbie and another stunt double on the back. BT: Yeah, that's immediately what I thought of when you said "personality.". 100,411, © 2020 NYP Holdings, Inc. All Rights Reserved DE: I got an award called the Helen Gibson. “Because when I was a kid I was teased for liking sports and riding motorcycles. Debbie's first movie stunt was jumping a 30-foot ravine on a Yamaha DT400 in Deathsport. Evans joined in 2001 and — despite a brief break in the middle — has worked on almost every film, doubling for Michelle Rodriguez and working with the precision driving team to create the franchise’s breathtaking action sequences. And I said, "You're kidding. 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