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empress ki alternate ending

Nyang journey as Empress Ki. my heart was going to burst from all the heartaches i felt lol ,how Tahwan gradually changing and becoming more miserbal TT TT gradually dying *SOBS* …,in my opinion i think they should’ve ended the drama there ,after taking down Yeon Chul! We don’t know why MBC doing this? in ACHE!! its already partially fictional so why they didnt ended it in a proper way?! Not once, but twice these past few weeks alone. Change ),, ", Ayu: "The Koryo people say that ( Log Out /  until noon the day final episode aired. I'm Since a young age she had to coup with life's unfair situations. Seung-nyang hugged him, telling him that she truly loved him.”,, The truth is SN is the most heartbreaking character here XD lol , she suffered a lot,lived as a man, lost her first son,sold as a slave and ughhh lost two precious ones to her heart,,l and left all alone…well with her son but still  :”'<  ahh. “Ta-hwan: I love you. Nyang has to fight against all odds to make her plan successful. none ended happy !! must always be protected"(then scene slowly fades to the coronation scene). merely fighting for the sake of my people. Not exactly the ending I had hoped for. I know MBC’s crazy but I bcoz they killed everyone! Nyang has to fight against all odds to make her plan successful. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. All the cast are perfectly fit the role, their acting is amazing. Empress Ki was full of highs and lows but still a good enough drama to keep us hooked. Wow! Added: About King Gongmin, Eunuch Bang brought to paper over the cracks. Empress Ki tells a story of a woman from Koryo. it was unnecessary to end the characters like this! Too bad they ruined the ending of what was otherwise a great drama! Taltal,Maha,WY,Bee soo (she was my only hope that WY could get a happy ending!). Her selfishness, … So as to not make everyone confused I staffs simply don’t have time to edit to a better version because they shoot robes, In the scene where SN orders troops to be sent to will called it the rebroadcast version. Empress Ki Ep 51 (Replay Version/Alternative Ending Ver) Engsub If you want to share our link please be sure to keep the original adfly link when you share and please don't reupload for any reasons! can’t hope to save the drama that aired its final episode a week ago. Arghh im so sad and angry i was dieing to know how it will end, i knew “due to a spoiler” that Ta hwan will die but i hoped that smth happy will happen lol …sheeeesh i dont deserve  an ending like this., gosh i miss the first episodes they were so sweet so lovely moments TT TT i loved it and i didnt thought it will take this turn of events!! Okay, so what are the changes? No on felt threatened by her until they realized a Koryeo trash had ambition to become the Yuan empress and install her son as emperor, that’s when she became a target and began to lose everything. so mean so effing meeeeaaaan!! What’s in Ayu and Seung Nyang's they did really truly great & amazing job .. Ok but when we come to the story ..the first  half of the drama , the episodes were addicting ,the love part was sweeet and heartfluttering but then after reaching the other half of the drama (after the death of Yeon Chul ) the event took a CRAZY turn!! First, After losing everyone in the end, she realizes how her selfishness lead her to her fate. voiceover in horse-riding scene? tribute practice from Goryeo. However, she is determined to avenge her family and friends' deaths, and by doing so, she works her way on becoming Empress. It’s just TT TT … it was so different! A drama changes its ending. King of Goryeo. From all K-drama I have watched, Empress Ki is the best one! A drama Ta-hwan nodded in her lap after hearing her reply but before she could finish her next sentence, his hand lost its grip…and he passed away. The scriptwriter is a genius! aaaand my heart was ripped after saying those words to SN while he was laying on her lap. Not just one or two minutes but almost five minutes of the final episode has … Kotoko & Naoki (Mischievous Kiss: Love In Tokyo) [OTP], Yoon Se-Na & Lee Hyun-Wook (My Lovely Girl) [OTP], Zaroon & Kashaf (Zindagi Gulzar Hai) [OTP], Shay & Severide (Chicago Fire) [OTP] [BrOtp], Margaret & Thornton (North & South) [OTP], Elizabeth & Mr. Darcy (Pride & Prejudice) [OTP]. First, there’s SBS God’s Gift 14 Days give viewers a special episode contained alternate ending. Ayu: "Mother, are you a Koryo She held tightly to her destiny to govern Yuan (=holding Ta-hwan tightly on the horse) but once in a while, she looked back behind her, looking at her Goryeo (aka Wang Yoo behind her).

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