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[11], Chandler remained involved in politics throughout his tenure as baseball commissioner. [62] None of the candidates received the required two-thirds majority, and after lobbying by MacPhail and New York Giants owner Horace Stoneham, the owners took an informal vote to see if anyone had the potential to be elected. B. Chandler as Baseball Commissioner 1945–1951: An Overview," p. 365, Marshall, "A. A third vote was taken to make the choice unanimous. Happy Panini is now serving grilled and pressed sandwiches at 207 Farley St., Hutto. [9] Chandler was captain of Transylvania's basketball and baseball teams and the quarterback of the football team. [105], Chandler lost to Breathitt in the primary by more than 60,000 votes, but his running mate, Harry Lee Waterfield, won the nomination for lieutenant governor. Brown, Sr., who believed that in exchange for his support of Chandler in the 1935 gubernatorial race, Chandler would support him in the senatorial contest. As a check of your calculations, the sum of the distance and bearing figures should be 561. Hidden For more information on Happy Chandler's career, click here. [39] He publicly acknowledged the US Supreme Court's 1954 decision in Brown v. Board of Education as the law of the land and promised to enforce it. [12], Other candidates being considered included National League President Ford Frick, Democratic National Committee Chairman Robert E. Hannegan, former Postmaster General James Farley, US Senator John W. Bricker, FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover, former federal Judge Fred M. Vinson, Ohio Governor Frank Lausche, and Undersecretary of War Robert P. [84] Historian John Paul Hill considers that to be unlikely, however, because two of Chandler's strongest allies, Connie Mack and Walter Briggs, Sr., were ardently opposed to integration, and Bill DeWitt, the second owner in the American League to integrate, voted against him. [7] He paid for his education by doing chores for the local citizens. [100] The anti-Chandler forces eventually put forth Bert Combs as their nominee again. Two years later, he was elected lieutenant governor, serving under Governor Ruby Laffoon. [101], Republicans nominated John M. Robsion Jr. to oppose Combs. Wallace instead turned to Air Force General Curtis LeMay. "[114] The comment sparked fresh protests and calls for Chandler's resignation. [66][67] Vern Stephens initially agreed to play in Mexico as well but returned before Chandler's deadline. It is not prepared for it yet. B. Chandler as Baseball Commissioner 1945–1951: An Overview," p. 376, Marshall, "A. C = Number of chairs per table. [16], After a year, Chandler was not able to afford Harvard. [64], Chandler's election was also met with disdain from much of the press in the Eastern United States, where most of baseball's teams resided at that time. [106] Journalist John Ed Pearce believed that the loss marked the demise of the Chandler wing of the Democratic Party in Kentucky, but Chandler himself remained somewhat influential. [57], Chandler's mentor, Harry F. Byrd, led a group of Southern conservatives in the Senate, and through Byrd's influence, Chandler was appointed to the Committee on Military Affairs. [62], Chandler remained in the Senate for several months after his election as commissioner because he wanted to cast his vote on the Bretton Woods Monetary Agreement and the Charter of the United Nations. [68] Chandler worked with Pirates officials to avoid a threatened strike by the players. [24] Journalist John Ed Pearce, however, contends that Beckham had already declined to become a candidate, citing his own ill health and that of his son, before the special session convened. [3][19] As a member of the Senate, he was part of a Democratic coalition that passed legislation to strip Republican Governor Flem D. Sampson of many of his statutory powers. 1.5L. "[7], Also in 1947, Chandler sold the rights to broadcast the World Series on the radio for $475,000 and used the money from the contract to establish a pension fund for baseball players. [24] Swope's reputation as a stern judge contrasted sharply with Chandler's charisma, and Chandler used that to his advantage by dubbing Swope "his majesty. Groundspeak Terms of Use [93] Nevertheless, Chandler delivered on his promise by allocating $5 million to the establishment of what became known as the Albert B. Chandler Medical Center. [75], That Chandler supported Robinson and the racial integration of baseball is evidenced by his actions during the 1947 season. Combs. He served as a US Senator from 1939-1945. [104] However, he found it very difficult to adapt to campaigning via television, an increasingly important medium, and his attacks mostly fell flat. [109] After his election, Nunn appointed Chandler to the first of his three terms on the University of Kentucky's board of trustees. [63] Nevertheless, his delay in assuming the commissioner's job upset many team owners, as did his late arrival to Game 3 of the 1945 World Series, which rendered him unavailable to rule on whether the weather was clement enough to begin the game. "[33] When Chandler touted his service during World War I, Laffoon's adjutant general Henry Denhardt countered by pointing out that Chandler had been only a cadet in training and never had engaged in active service in the war. [81] On June 2, 1949, a federal court refused to reinstate the three players pending their trials but urged for the antitrust issues to be adjudicated as soon as possible. [24] During the primary campaign, Chandler seized upon the unpopular sales tax, labeling Rhea "Sales Tax Tom" and calling on the electorate to redeem the state from "Ruby, Rhea, and Ruin. Get updates on what's happening in the field and how you can get involved. [58] As a result of his votes on the anti-lynching bill and the poll tax repeal, the Louisville chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People worked against his re-election effort.

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