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hermione is edwards mate fanfiction bella bashing

I heard Carlisle ask Harry. Edward Cullen/Hermione Granger (14) Alice Cullen/Jasper Hale (4) Carlisle Cullen/Esme Cullen (4) Emmett Cullen/Rosalie Hale (4) Edward Cullen/Bella Swan (3) Jacob Black/Bella Swan (2) Jasper Hale/Harry Potter (2) Hermione Granger/Ron Weasley (1) Harry Potter/Ginny Weasley (1) Remus Lupin/Nymphadora Tonks (1) Exclude Additional Tags Creature Fic. You saved mine!" He huffed, and turned to me. One: I really hate Bella Swan, not going to lie, and two: get over it, don't like, don't read and three: Complaining about something like that will not get me to change anything, sorry. "And why should I stop trying? I looked up at Draco. "This is what Edward heard in your head; running water," I heard Harry speak from behind me, and I spun around. In saving a friend I'd damned myself to this place. She had a light tan, and she had brown eyes. His chest rose and fell so slowly it looked as if he was dead, but I knew the truth. I was just a baby. The man, however, had jet black hair, his skin so pale like he had never seen the sun, and bright green eyes hidden behind a pair of glasses. Love? She wiped some blood off my face and smiled slightly at me. Bella Swan was abandoned by her vampire boyfriend and his family 8 months ago. "War?" There won't be any Bella bashing because I like her character, but there also won't be any love triangle type thing. Hermione let out a laugh as Harry struggled to find the words. Honestly the brothers Weasley wanted to remain together to watch over each other, and Remus and Hermione wished to remain together due to the same familial connection they shared along with Harry. I just express mine in picture form.Maybe one will inspire you to write a new fic. Too bad for that plan that Hermione Granger, upon one essay and injustice too many, discovers her passion for fighting for beings and creatures, and decides to befriend the popular older Hufflepuff she thinks is a vampire. Hermione offered. "You have a gift, however, you were not born with it. Then you and Ron head back out there with the order members not staying with us and start getting everything going. Remus quickly moved to the front of the room. Harry stood in front of me, again, and he gave another small smile. He whispered so only Remus and Hermione could hear. Remus instructed, shooing the boys out of the room after a last group hug between the Golden Trio and whispered promises to all three stay safe. Edward stiffened beside me, and took a step forward. "I need to hunt to night. It happened all so fast. This first chapter is told through another's eyes, the rest of the story will be about the couple and this character will not make another appearance, or if he does it won't be in a normal fashion as he has very little to do with the actual story. Can Bella open up fully? So Hermione and Bill lead their two groups out to the forest along the edge near Hagrid's Hut and Remus and Charlie lead their groups down near the front gates. Harry was crowned 'The-Boy-Who-Lived', and sent off to live with his relatives who hate magic. After all, there's no rest for the damned, and there's definitely no mercy for the heroes. Upon Cedric's death, Edward's old memories reappear and more morose than ever, he tries to move on, but what happens when a grown Hermione arrives at the Cullen's door a little more than human after the war? "I think you're looking for the wrong person," She said, smirking. OR . Mated to three, the Queen of Volterra doesn't even know how important she will be. Hermione offered. I looked down at Voldemort one last time before looking up at the crowd still watching us. Carlisle took a few steps and stood in front of me. After much debate they were able to divide into two groups. . It's also a new couple for me to write including a male character I haven't ever written. "Now he's gone, I can see if I can figure out why you have a block.". A man and a woman sat at the island with their hands around a steaming mug each. The man had lost all color to his face as he crumpled up the missive in his hand while turning and running for the Great Hall at the same time. He gave my hand a squeeze before stepping forward with Hermione. Unfortunately for the Cullens, they just so happen to be the three kings of the Volturi. The door bounced of the wall, and slammed shut behind him. but of course if an author realizes something within my fanfic that is theirs and they don't want me to use it, all it would take it a personal message and I would change it or whatever so it's all good. 4 Broken Minds » by pinkcactusx After Edward leaves her in New Moon, Bella does eventually move on and falls in love with a human Jacob. "What can we help you do Remus? After the final battle Harry and his new Family (a.k.a. Hermione laughed, "I guess being immortal is great, but only if you've got somebody to share it with.". An Edward/Bella pairing. He is also like me.". He finished to many gasps. His eyes shined with victory over me, he gave the tiniest and yet the most menacing raspy laugh to ever each the ears of the living and smirked up at me. Cedric Diggory has no idea he used to be Edward Cullen, he thinks that his half-vampire state is because his mother was bitten while she was pregnant. Hermione went on to describe their Hogwarts years, moving the subject away from Ron, "In our first year at Hogwarts, we discovered the Philosopher's Stone. He murmured the words to a story I hadn't heard before, but his tone was so soft that I wanted to fall asleep. . *set after chapter 7 of we fall apart as it gets dark. She decides not to think of it, and move on with her life, but hats easier said then done. "Edward, you can't control Bella. In a second I was standing in the middle of battle, the next I was fighting for my life, our lives, and in the next he lay at my feet, his blood covering my hands. "Hello, Bella. One: I really hate Bella Swan, not going to lie, and two: get over it, don't like, don't read and three: Complaining about something like that will not get me to change anything, sorry. At the time, as a baby, my entire family had no clue about the magical world. After Victoria is killed, Carlisle and Esme's magical mates return to meet Bella, and, truths are discovered. Edward hadn't said anything, except I had to meet them, so as they came in to view, I was completely shocked. She considered herself deeply religious, and was thusly determined to avoid them. Edward shook his head no, but Hermione didn't like that. Can she ever get justice for the trauma she faced at the hands of one Edward Cullen and just how in the world Sulpicia actually read her mind? Team Jacob story, or whoever really didn't like that part in the book. Now Eleven years old, she and her family finally get the answers they've been chasing after. I knew Carlisle and Esme only pretended in front of humans, but I didn't know he was gay. He's the pretty boy, she's the brainy girl. I felt a heart wrenching joy of being in the arms of friends for only a moment. Charlie clapped him on the shoulder and smiled that crinkly eyed grin only he could and jogged back to meet his group. She is a person, and is allowed to be curious. One thing is for certain Bella is not going to make the same mistakes of her counterpart in the other universe. Harry said sadly. Once you and Ron are done with the last step of your mission, send 'Mione a patronus. "What makes you think I was going to tell her. "My friend, if anything happens to me, please watch out for Hermione and Harry for me. He whispered so only Remus and Hermione could hear. M for sexual content in later chapters. "I'm not a werewolf but I have become an unregistered Animagi during our time on the run. Remus said then raised the parchment in his hand. "Your wife was born in 1979." Though, she does have her own small, ever-growing, obstacles to overcome, of course. Constructive criticism however, is a lovely gift that I actually like reading, any and all ways to better my writing or the fanfic are appreciated, just no 'this sucks' that helps nothing. "Remus, you know we take care of our own, they won't be alone. That's why you are so accepting of vampires," He seemed fascinated, almost hypnotised, "There are weak spots, not anything that can't be repaired... but the effort would be useless unless Edward promises to stop trying so hard.". Bella discovers the true reason why Edward was hesitant to turn her into a vampire.. Hermione is sent to Italy to ask the Volturi for help with the War in the hope they will curtail the vampires aligning with Voldemort. He said to her in fond remembrance from years before. AN: This is my first fanfiction, so please excuse any mistakes for the moment. AN: So another new story for me in a few ways. Unfortunately, a certain Cullen has different plans. Lucian Swan wasn't always his name. He nodded and dashed out the room. Desperately in need of a holiday, Harry finds his way to Forks, Washington, and the life he never knew he was destined for. Edward has always prided himself on his speed. The woman had long brown hair pulled back in a French Braid. Victoria is gone, and she has been for weeks. Esme raised her head, as Hermione giggled quietly just before Emmett burst in. Her warmth and kindness effectively forces him to reconsider his bad boy persona he'd put on for so long. "How did I save your life? I heard Edward's hard voice, the anger obvious. Jacob takes up being Edwards best friend/brother/guardian believing he would want to stay together with Bella. "You can have him," I said softly, but my voice carried in the silence. I heard Emmett roar, and Edward tensed up beside me. harry potter and edward cullen are mates fanfiction. This is Edward/Harry slash... and there is a LOT of Bella bashing... and let's just say I will be hearing none of this "EW SLASH" or "OMG WHY ARE YOU SO MEAN TO BELLA!" Professor Flitwick, please seal the door and let nobody out until after I have spoken to Harry and the Order, please." There, Kol and Bella begin a relationship. (BELLA-BASHING, INDEPENDENT!STRONG!OC, CULLEN-BASHING, EDWARD-BASHING… Now, as for The River, it will still be written but I can't work on it on a schedule because it's a matter of when my psyche will allow it and in the meantime I keep having and losing other ideas so I am going to allow myself 2 w.i.p. "I need to speak with Head Order of the Phoenix members, Harry, Ron, Hermione, and any adult witch or wizard with any experience with my kind and magical creatures as a whole.

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