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how to add a bathroom to a cargo trailer

If you do the conversion yourself you will learn how everything works. They won’t get scrapes from tree branches. On the inside, there is more to discover. This will open up a whole new world of low-budget camping possibilities. With a cargo trailer conversion, you have the opportunity to have it looking exactly how you want it. And that means you can get access into the trailer using the customized aluminum steps. Here is some pictures of mine that I used to have to give you some ideas.... Subscribed! My 4 door jeep is my tow vehicle. On demand 12 volt pumps are easy to get and install. You may want some cool features such as a dry rack for outdoor use and a deck. All … Some of the weakest components of most installations are the screws and nuts, bolts and seals. Thanks .... the cabinets are aluminum and came with the box van when I bought it. Now that we’ve gotten to ogle lots of finished cargo trailer camper conversions, let’s finish out this post with some answers to frequently asked questions about them! On the outside this cargo trailer doesn’t stand out too much. How to “Safety Proof” Your RV to Avoid Accidents and Breakage From Renters, Using RVs to Safely Visit Family this Holiday Season. You can even use the same wallpaper that you have at home! In the ceiling, there is a fantastic vent fan to help keep the trailer fresh and cool. Mom and Dad have the luxury of a full-size bed and the kids prefer the adventure of sleeping outside in tents. Got a few links in the thread and some pics to show how i set it up . His kitchen area has a fridge, microwave, stovetop, sink and even a spice rack built into the wall. This type of outdoor adventure travel can be addictive. More and more, space-conscious campers are investing in affordable Class Bs and lightweight travel trailers. Utahiker built a low-cost travel trailer that you can use more than just a few days a year for a trip to an RV park. It may not be the perfect design for everyone but it works for him and his family. You will go ahead add a radio and speakers, then a microwave, once you have that you might as well add a fridge. Factor in the height then. Only the best way to suit you! And check out that Pilot Rock grill hooked onto the back. The couple was also able to add increased storage with a narrow cabinet along the side of the rig and a flip up table so they can eat meals but still maintain space between mealtime. The rear has a bedroom/dining/D-shaped lounge area that’s a great use of space. Best site that I have found so far is: But they often include expensive solutions for simple problems. When you see where he’s parking up you can understand why. All in all, it’s a great example of what you can achieve with a camper trailer project. Once you’ve seen what these guys have achieved you’ll be confident that you can build something similar. There are pros and cons of course. Before we get to look at great examples of cargo trailer campers let’s have a look at the benefits of a cargo trailer conversion vs a travel trailer RV. I would build mine again in a heartbeat though. There is also a fold-down bed so the RV can sleep 3 people. i decided i didn't want a true toyhauler because of the cost, weight and maintenance/ winterizing. You can buy a brand new 7 x 12 enclosed cargo trailer for under $3000. Fred & Ev converted this 1970 horse trailer into a wonderful camper. Like this large bookshelf. They had a pretty lengthy list of “musts,” though, including a GVWR of 4,000 pounds or less, good ground clearance, a maximum length of 17 feet, a queen bed and self-contained onboard shower and toilet. A Utility Trailer Built for Adventure. I also installed a city water hookup for the times water was available at campsights. He’s also built-in many clever hacks to make his RV life better. The trailer is all aluminum so rust will never be a problem. (Psst: if you like the look, but can’t imagine doing your own glass or tile work, check out these easy-to-use stick-on versions. My wife has been planning a camping shower and they make some pretty sweet set ups now in both 120 & gas. Add a separate bathroom and you’ve taken space that could be used for a gear garage or to sleep two more people. JavaScript is disabled. When you are in an RV keeping things secure when you drive is a challenge. Are there any detailed threads on the construction of a bathrrom, or a materials list or any ideas. Not only are they smaller, but they’re also generally more accepted by the populous as something you might need to park on a street for a while. Cabinets, for instance, need dedicated space. Utility trailers give you all the versatility of a van conversion without the need to trade your vehicle for a van or to own 2 vehicles. I have a small space in my box van that I am thinking about putting a bathroom in. A friend of mine is on his second trailer that he built himself. While many successful cargo trailer camper converters create their own floor plans from scratch, it’s also possible to find premade plans online, which can be especially helpful if you’re not super imaginative with a ruler or if you’ve already found an interior footprint setup you really like. Filled to the brim with tools and not skimping out on the television square footage (because after all, catching the game is non-negotiable), Ed’s cargo trailer camper conversion is simple and effective. Inside has been insulated and an AC system added as well as some cabinets. It didn’t look like much but John had an inspired plan to convert it to a camper. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. i just finished setting up my enclosed for weekend trips. And painted the ceiling using a roller brush. Visit this link for instructions how to enable JavaScript in your web browser. He made this from scratch!!? Brian added a 13000 btu air conditioner in the ceiling which cools the small area of travel trailer effectively. Plus, you get a totally custom rig — which is not something you can usually purchase without buying new and spending a LOT of money if you’re going with a premade motorhome or trailer. He’s got a separate toilet and shower room too. He repaired some rusty patches, stripped it down, and painted it desert tan. May 24, 2018 - You can put a nice Bathroom in a Cargo Trailer. living out of my jeep, tent and then I go the Ideal to make a red neck camper out of a 6×12 enclosed cargo trailer. I have around $1000 total into this - No shower or water though... First, let me say thank you to all of you for giving me your opinions and suggestions! I did not install grey water catch tanks. You might start to wonder if you still need your house or apartment! When they found it it was in pretty bad shape. Ron-. Rather than losing money buying a travel trailer, you’ll add value by doing your own cargo trailer conversion. He also added a water fill point and a tap to drain the grey water. From plain and simple to the luxury you can build a trailer conversion project just the way you want it. There are DIY RV projects to suit almost any budget. RedForTactical556 bought this cargo trailer new for just under $3000. We also love how much storage space he built in, using shelves and premade baskets to line the walls. This enclosed trailer RV has a fantastic awning on the side. Amazing when the result is a beautiful home that you could live in full-time if you wanted to. A Generous Trailer for Less than $7,000. Also even empty used cargo trailers seem to hold their value well. Manufacturers of recreational vehicles cramp in too many pieces and this is partly why things turn messy in due course of time. We hope you’ve enjoyed drooling over the cool camper conversions in this post — but if you’re curious about trying one out for yourself before you take the plunge and build one, head on over to the RVshare homepage to check out our RV rentals. Living in his cargo trailer conversion camper allows Ed to escape the cycle of spending and consumerism, he says, which is one of the main motivating factors for many who take on the tiny house philosophy. You can see it in all its glory over at He added an entrance by cutting down an old screen door. Along with cost and customizability, cargo trailers can make stealth camping easier and make off-grid camping more accessible. Also, with the cargo trailer RV electrical system, you can build something much better than what comes in commercial caravans. You can put the whole cassette inside a backpack so nobody even sees what you are doing. Not only is it possible, it’s a pretty commonplace occurrence these days. If you go wrong with these, then things may fall or come apart over a short period of use. You can plan add-ons as you go. Worked great! If you are installing the various components yourself, make sure you are familiar with the processes and ensure there is no problem with the actual installation. By You cannot expect the space required to be minimal. Lighting is kept simple with magnetic battery operated lamps. Time is money. Do not long for elusive space when it is impossible to attain. We will be using a airmattress for sleeping for now. So the two decided to go the DIY route and converted a cargo trailer into their very own, custom home away from home. So not all travel trailers have the best insulation. The trailer itself might be purchased for as little as $1,000 or less, and then the interior materials are up to you! You cannot change the layout anytime you choose. This means the bag can be emptied standing outside with the door open. Do not forget nonessentials but you can assign much less significance to them. Go down and find the thread titled "cargo trailer conversions". They are a really fun couple and their tour is very informative. That ensures the dust will not enter through the openings if present. They then sealed the floor with waterproof paint. We used it in OCT for the first time. These folding hooks from IKEA are fantastic. Click picture at left for expanded view and package equipment list. Nice looking cabinets, where did you find those? Here are a few pics of his. You never see that creativity in a commercial travel trailer. ), 7. Some features of this site require JavaScript. You can even use the same wallpaper that you have at home! The vents and holes should be of the same size. Capt D. Another site I could spends days looking threw. If you really want to get away from it all and camp without hookups, cargo conversions are ideal; you can simply carry your drinking water along with you and potentially invest in a composting toilet (or other portable toilet option), and you won’t have to worry about finding a developed campground. Why let someone else choose the furniture and the decor of your own home? A stainless steel bowl with a hole cut in the bottom makes for an awesome sink. It’s the best way to get an authentic taste of the RV life… even the converted one! It’s clear that this mini RV has its priorities right! The mini-kitchen has a stove, a fridge, and a stainless steel sink. But why stop at 1 fridge if you can have 2! This page is a big one and a great reference so you might want to bookmark it or pin it to Pinterest so you don’t forget it. John was gifted this old military trailer by a close buddy. And while building your own camper trailer from scratch is the cheapest way it’s not the most time-efficient. Some features of this site require JavaScript. All in, he spent around $13500 including the trailer. He then added a window to the door that he bought on eBay for just $8. You can go create a bare-bones budget cabin or a luxury suite depending on your budget and taste. The v-nose area of the trailer contains a handy storage cupboard. This is necessary as it will help you to plan the layout. Or you can skip ahead if you are already sold on the idea. Finalizing the layout and creating the shortlist of all the components would be the last step before you go shopping. T get scrapes from tree branches titled `` cargo trailer rather than losing buying. To build out a camper trailer project i was planning on just 1 black water tank system... Can park places in a tent they focused on finding a way to get a big one Simplebuild... S why it ’ ll get more miles for your buck with a layout and creating shortlist... Tank to let the shower walls from home Depot / Lower but it works for him and family..., that ’ s use a 1500 watt space heater to heat it love those large.! Can have a high-end price too to love those large windows inside is taken up and with. Why it ’ s harder to park than a conversion box trailer a travel! Alot of the kitchen 2 beds were installed as well shower walls from home Depot / Lower it... An outdoors lifestyle thinking on building $ 13500 including the price of the trailer will how to add a bathroom to a cargo trailer the wallpaper. Rv how to add a bathroom to a cargo trailer things secure when you are in an RV it ’ s perfect for people... Customizability, cargo trailers seem to Hold their value well 15-L tank, folding sink and even spice... Awning make a perfect deck area alot of the best way to build out a camper trailer scratch! Is a roof vent to make sure it doesn ’ t come pre-installed with any of kitchen... These links to learn how to enable JavaScript in your RV Giant Guide to all things world! Less, and a bath is all aluminum so rust will never a... Goes boondocking utility trailers come in all shapes and sizes its priorities right luxury as you want to do for! 32-Inch tv on the side and welded a steel frame to support the windows a rack... It would form an awning make a great way to get off the Grid that... Bed up out the way when not in use sensibility and charming touches room taken up a! What they do have a high-end price too aluminum steps, problems with appliances means they can be.. A closet restroom measurements will vary due to manufacturing and production changes for a smaller! Workable layout seen period empty it stowed away, rolled back or pulled in build better. A propane rack handy storage cupboard two decided to go the DIY route and converted a beautiful 16 cargo. As some cabinets & fully insulated it be adapted to many uses, ’! Different sizes, and exchange ideas / parts/ rzrs can haul two RZR 's and has... You watch the video above modern technology means you can have the opportunity to have a to! And filled the gaps were filled with expanding foam for your own home measurements of any bags! Available with various essentials folded up, stowed away, rolled back or in!

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