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intex excursion vs seahawk

There is a motor mounting kit on the stern of the boat. The material is vulnerable to punctures and the original repair kit may not be as good as the professional patching kit. Hitches, & He also asked Mark if the boat is maneuverable, and Mark, a bit away from the camera, seemed to say that it is. At the end you end, you will find a summary and a recommendation. Insert it on the. Terminal Ventilation, Interior & Cabin However, after looking at customer reviews for these products, I found that the Excursion had many issues concerning durabilty – these issues would make me uncomfortable if I were purchasing. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. We just purchased a trolling motor and can't wait to get it in the water. If you’re not satisfied with the Seahawk then you might consider the Intel Mariner 4. Covers, Boat Shrink Wrap The included manual pump broke in first 10 minutes of inflating. Build your own wooden loorboards (like what. That said, you should be careful with your Seahawk. The boat features 4 fishing holders which are located in every corner of the boat and two inflatable seats with backrests. Seats, Fishing Boat Any hit or over-inflation can damage these seams and let the air out. It's self-evident that with such a set, this boat can be used just after unpacking! In this article, I’ll give a full Intex Seahawk 3 review, with all of its specs and features. Distribution, ProMariner ProNautic We bring years of experience ranging from boat repair, boat sales, and running a charter sailing company. Also, pay attention to the packaging: as a rule, it includes oars, storage case, pump, and repair kit. Both models are durable with puncture resistant vinyl shell, a four person capacity and many happy customers. It won’t get you very fast, but a trolling motor should get you moving on the water at a leisurely speed of 5 mph. Adding additional length and carrying capacity, the 5 person Excursion 5 measures 144″ x 66″ and weighs 53 pounds. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Plus, the strategically placed. You will surely be surprised at this boat! But as it is, with all the gear, and his partner paddling the boat, he says, that’s pretty much it. Two of the chambers are the sides of the boat, and one is the bottom. Tops, Other     Manufacturer. At the same time this doesn’t mean that either of these inflatable boats are of poor quality because they aren’t very expensive. Three air chambers (two on the sides of the boat and an auxiliary chamber inside the main hull). Shop Is the Seahawk starting to sound like a perfect boat to you? Each chamber has a Boston valve which can hold the air inside reliably and deflate the boat really quickly. And safety is one of the main features of the Intex Seahawk 3. Category, View The Excursion 5 is capable of supporting up to 1000 pounds in weight, and features all of the same great features as the Excursion 4. Stability is this boat’s biggest issue. Check out my Top 10 Inflatable Boats for every use. Now, you might be thinking, “can I have more than 4 people on this boat at once as long as the weight is under the weight limit?” Well, I wouldn’t do that – but I am rather conservative and head the majority of safety recommendations for products. A comfortable storage bag is included in a kit. This assumption is backed up by the numbers; the Excursion is about 15 inches wider.

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