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is depop safe reddit

Cookies help us deliver our Services. If the seller has been online and refreshed the listing it will say posted a week ago or less at the bottom. with depop you can see their star average and look through every single one of their sold reviews. Most of the time they are the typical scams to get you pay outside of Depop through Paypal as friends/family rather than goods/services. If I've missed anything, please add it in the replies :). It's luckily fairly rare but it can happen :(. I messaged back and said thank you for the interest but I conduct everything through Depop. Do not give out your personal details if people ask for them through email or the Depop Messenger. On 18 of the 19 items I've sold I've had a positive experience, and even then the person may not have been a scammer. I take a screenshot of the packages that is shown delivered, because I don't trust USPS's server being able to keep that stuff up long enough. If you don't want to risk losing item + money, do NOT swap online. Ok so I've been seeing a lot of people getting scammed on Depop on the internet. PayPal's refund period is 180 days, meaning that you can chuck the receipts wayyy too early. Right now it's time to talk about the complaints against Depop. Also, Keep your recipes for maybe 180 days. Use common sense to protect yourself against possible fakes, as well as taking screenshots of the items and their descriptions for proof if you do decide to risk it. Every possible scam you encounter there will be very basic online scams that are easy to avoid as a buyer. Things like bank transfers are almost always irrevocable and you'll lose the money forever. Hey been on depop a while and have bought and sold many things but I’m bamboozled today. Do not give out your personal details if people ask for them through email or the Depop Messenger. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Don't dox people on the internet you should just report it to Depop. Press J to jump to the feed. There are tons of small potato scammers on Depop, because teenagers. raina6006 described a cashier cheque scam a while ago in a post: It’s a person messaging usually along the lines of “I have some questions about this item, please contact me at Depop states an average shipping time on the sellers home page which is a good indicator of seller reliability. Depop is your little shop in your pocket. Thank you for this post! Check out their page, reviews and the last time they were online/ listed an item. Depop is your little shop in your pocket. You’ll always be covered by PayPal so the worst thing that can happen would be you waste your time and have to wait a couple weeks for the refund to spend the money on something else. Apparently Depop can close down your business, even legit ones for no good reason. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. He got seriously scammed, so remember common sense is also helpful, but he's just saved himself a lot of money by using Paypal's buyer protection, as he's now contesting the payment. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. They’ll close your account for no reason. If the price is amazing and they ask for anything other than something with guaranteed Buyer protection, don't buy it. You’re covered by Depop and PayPal anyway, plus we all started somewhere. They'll ask to email you to take you out of the app, don't bother because you have more protection in the app messenger . They’ll “accidentally” send too much money and ask you to return the amount minus what the product they bought costs.

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