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liandry's on adc

MOBAFire is a community that lives to help every LoL player take their game to the next level by having open access to all our tools and resources. DFG would only affect his spells anyway. Yet alone the fact that you need to get close enough to you use DFG, while you have the means to harass on range with his spells leads the use of it ad absurdum. [/quote], "A person giving you advice isn't perfect and has their own shortcomings but they may give you the piece that you're missing. ". Also scales well with low gold since it's %hp based as opposed to dcap which scales with your own ap. Meaning, if you land Karma Q when you have Liandrys its going to chalk (2)x(2%)=(4%) of their current HP. It's components canno't be compared to the efficien of [[haunting guise]] either. Enemy champions are expected to have or starting to build magic resist around the 20 minute mark. The question is, why not just play AP [[kog'maw]] instead. CHECK. If you want to go down that road I'd suggest 2 other AP item choices being a bit more fitting: I can't really think of 6th offensive item for late game. Completely unrelated but, you have personal issues with her Voice Actor? - Or since you mentioned the "nearly all is magic dmg" why not try [[Void Staff]] ? I am no Karma main ( due to personal issues with her VA ), but if I would be correct, the karma supports usually build a haunting guise with sorceress shoes to maximize their damage output.So I would say that Liandry's is for aggresive Karma's, while Rabadons is for a more supporting Karma's. [/quote], The main issue I see here is that you're sacrificing either a damage item or a defensive item for it. For the usage of it: [[liandry's torment]] is used quite often. [quote=Jimmydoggga 2.0]The main problem is that you need to get reasonably close to do most of your damage because you have entirely AD items....which means your long range is moot. So, DFG+Phosphorus Bomb+Big Rocket Ult and that's it for the amplifying effect (Valkyrie excluded if needed as retreat), which would actually hurt quite a bit. and has a great escape so the chance of getting caught (should be) slim. Magic resistance stacks additively. Karma Q slows targets hit and Liandry's % HP burn damage is doubled when the target is slowed. LoL forum thread "Liandry's on Nautilus?". Not to mention that all three items would be used as tank killers, the sole thing you shouldnt hit as ADC...[/quote], I don't see a reason to take double armor penetration items on a champion which only deals AD damage with basic attacks and with, [quote=Joxuu]I don't see a reason to take double armor penetration items on a champion which only deals AD damage with basic attacks and with [[gatling gun]], both which are not used more than the magic damaging abilities. Ignore AP Corki + DFG cus those ain't gonna happen. And no, that item is for burst, [[corki]] deals sustained damage and can't really abuse the damage increase.

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