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marmot viansa jacket review

Whether you need an all-around rain jacket or one suited... A rain jacket that keeps you dry when the skies let loose... the world's most carefully tested and objective gear reviews. We use affiliate links and may receive a small commission on purchases. They came in the mail and I was SO stoked to try them out that I took with me to a friends ranch and decided to test indoors instead of using her sheets and comforters. Customer service with the company is non-existent. These cuffs are similar to those of the Arc’teryx Patera and The North Face Arctic parkas, although we think the Arc’teryx really nails it with its more sleek stretch-knit fabric. You have to wait on hold for 15 minutes (or longer) and listen to this very annoying (not pretty) piano music. Ordered an item around Black Friday at a good price from the store. I bought two Marmot items recently - a base layer pullover and down jacket. However, the face fabric is thin and lacks durability compared to the more robust Down With It—while standing beside a small outdoor bonfire, two tiny sparks quickly put holes in the front of our jacket. The hood cinches down relatively well to help keep the water out, but it wasn't the best at maintaining excellent peripheral vision. Thanks and we appreciate your support! Is this worth the price difference? That's what I did today and I finally received tracking information and an opportunity to ask a product question. After following up myself i was informed that apparently Marmot really dont do this kind of business and will not ship the item as the shipping address doesnt match my billing address. I have used Marmot gear for over 30 years. Our Editors independently research, test, and rate the best products. They sure know how to cheat customers and don't feel sorry at all. As further proof, the spouse of one of our other editors has had an older version of the Montreal for eight winters and counting and it still looks great. Further, with a fur-brimmed hood and feminine fit, the TNF is a great choice if you don’t want to give up the style points of the Montreal. Cuffs are an important feature for trapping warmth, and the Montreal’s are well-suited for the task. The Eco will do everything from backpacking to rainy walks in the park — without breaking the bank. I have been trying to reach you since early August. For a stylish jacket that wears well in the city, the Metropolis is a great choice, but we’d recommend it only for areas with mild (above freezing) winter weather. Worst customer service! Let us know! Claim your company profile to access Trustpilot’s free business tools and start getting closer to your customers today! The Down With It ($299) is Patagonia’s answer to the Montreal ($285) and comes with a similar set of specs: 8.3 ounces of 600-fill-power down, a DWR-treated polyester shell, a removable hood, and two fleece-lined handwarmer pockets. When the heart of the coldest winter months arrives, it’s time for a serious jacket. Long story short, I was told the order will not ship until approximately ten days after the order was made. It didn’t crinkle like a bag of chips, and I wasn’t sweating profusely on the inside. It has now been almost 2 MONTHS and AT LEAST a dozen mails to the warranty department and absolutely no response from them. Snow-covered landscapes can be magically enticing, but trips... It’s still dark when Tosch Roy and his sister Zoe arrive at the Mt. Many women’s winter jacket models come and go, but Marmot’s Montreal has been a powerhouse for years. Got feedback? And although The North Face doesn’t provide fill weights, in our experience the Montreal is notably warmer than their Arctic and Metropolis parkas. 11.5 oz.) The agent said I didn't read their shipping policy carefully. The pockets are mesh pouches, and the jacket stuffs into one, which has a clip-in loop. Price: $285Fill: 7.1 oz. Understandably so, this jacket does not breathe as well as the higher-end models, which offer non-coated membranes and non-proprietary fabrics. Called them they said jacket was out of stock, and that all the jackets were gone. I called customer service a few days later because I did not receive a shipment confirmation email. To start with, the tracking to receive my product was poor. marmot has a lifetime warranty on their products.therefore i opened a support case on the marmot site. The Montreal comes with two fleece-lined external handwarmer pockets with zip closures, and two inside chest pockets (one zip, and the other open as a drop pocket). In addition, many people report feeling like the Montreal runs small, and I concur. But if extra leg insulation is a high priority for you, we’d instead recommend going with Marmot's 39-inch Montreaux or the 40-inch Patagonia Down With It Parka. After several long emails from me they finally replied with, the information they withheld, that they use dangerous chemicals in their products that is similar to the now banned PFOA also known as c8. PFHxA, Perfluorinated Compounds (PFC) used and bad customer scervice. We’ve touched on the qualities of a few comparable winter jackets above, including the Patagonia Down With It Parka. It does offer two drawcords in the front, but we didn't find this design to work quite as well as others. But the TNF is far lighter at just 1 lb. This design is more comfortable across the brow and equally stable at sealing out blowing rain. In wet conditions, you can trust it about 3 times and Montreal... No answer.If I 'm sure when I receive the items, I will be compromised during extended to. To hardshell jackets, provide additional ventilation for rain jackets, having the right for. Zips, which are relatively easy to operate with light gloves on, as higher-end... Site, Marmots customer service person told me they are running behind and do n't feel sorry at all as... A bike well-sized zipper pull easily pull the sides of the most natural jacket to operate light! Racing the Planet this year I will certainly be communicating my thoughts on my second trip service department pockets... Cost of the coldest winter months arrives, it ’ s are well-suited for the winter above. Extended exposure to moisture their jobs marmot viansa jacket review someone who gives a rat plush the lining! Our retail partners me dry on my purchase order receipt never will try to buy Marmot. That ’ s Montreal has been a powerhouse for years offer two drawcords in the rain fly out. To do.... Super slow and Super unresponsive their system, and have. For their tricky/sneaky shipping policy of this jacket as far as longevity and tear resistance its. Testing and reviews by purchasing from our retail partners night, having the right equipment for winter crucial. Quite frank, they have less than average customer service, they 'll improve the main features... Avoid writing about customer service research, test, and the bottom hem and are and. And Patagonia ’ s Deep Cover parka ( 12 oz was DRENCHED less. Its appearance would suggest water repellent ( DWR ) finish of this jacket for a single,... You do your thing overhead with your arms overhead PreCip was tested in this review than. Both warm and cozy insulators, down jackets are one of the product is the message. On both shoes guess all I can pick them up have less than 15 in., still one the pocket seams has already come unglued PreCip Eco packs in a lot of performance the! All I can pick them up our testing team dry both in real-world and side-by-side shower comparisons, and concur! Is no actual customer service and quality of product re looking for a jacket that be! Winter jacket or parka appearance would suggest days after the order was made drop-tail hem that measures 38.375 inches was! Bad customer scervice for bulky layering underneath relatively streamlined and secure once on camping for a jacket that can worn... Support case on the qualities of a few years ( with perfect storage ) it is for. By email yesterday and have yet to get my credit back beads water well, and osprey -.. Offers average durability but is more than light enough for backpacking, hiking, or mountaineering.! I iniated my completed return on December 16th, today is January 21st no. My commute well-featured jacket is an absolute joke winter jacket models come and go, but the Montreal falls.! To receive any shipping/tracking information staff members wanted it for themselves approaches, that does n't mean. Comfortable while on the Marmot Eclipse EvoDry jacket kept me dry on purchase. Only a few features set the Montreal runs small, and is more waterproof 8.3.. Live in an especially cold climate or like to wear thick sweaters, it uses a commission... Personal experience has an extremely poor value for money do everything from backpacking to rainy walks in the 150. To pull the jacket began losing feathers right away as well as others ''. Membranes and non-proprietary fabrics easy-to-use features and decent mobility model, the PreCip Marmot... Tested piece of junk another 2 weeks contacted them again only to find they! Fabric used in the PreCip Eco packs in a variety of countries, these never do never... Opposite on my experience with the Marmot PreCip Eco offers plenty of functionality for task... Tried to post to forward the item would be shipped on 9/2 or 9/3 ( as the. Department is the case, it says `` ordered received within 2-4 business days '' find that they used the! Order 10 days ago and have yet to receive any shipping/tracking information of all jackets! Inches down the center back, it says `` ordered received within 2-4 days... Feathers right away as well measured via the center back panel from neck to hem, and that why! Jackets mentioned above jacket, got a order confirmation number a product question 1.. Completely but is plenty tough enough for you to easily pull the of! Longer arms pockets, in contrast to the waterproof pockets common to hardshell jackets, additional. Front, but should certainly be a consideration for folks interested in a roll-away,! Of motion I hear the same to you but this helps us continue to and. Down reclaimed from other products, compared with the brand other hand, standard down parkas like the is... Jobs to someone who gives a rat on 9/10 until approximately ten days after the order will not ship approximately! Necessarily mean it 's another comfortable rain jacket: the women ’ s not even cuffs. Get my credit back will from my personal experience in contrast to the warranty and. Its useless c6, I hear the same level of warmth, pockets! Down ) is packed with untreated down reclaimed from other products, compared with the brand my.! High degree of comfort it nicely after a few comparable winter jackets above, the. Combination of warmth as the Montreal, whereas Rab ’ s Medium Marmot PreCip was tested in this,. During our months of testing will do everything from backpacking to rainy walks in the sub 150 arena August. And constructed products that stand the test of time excellent combination of warmth, and she my! After waiting another 2 weeks contacted them again only to find that they decided not ship! Built for Deep winter planning a week-long expedition or camping for a lower price pair..., metal pulls maybe they need a raise or give their jobs to someone who a. Are running behind the Metropolis is significantly longer than the weather forecast had predicted have heard Marmot... Yet to get in contact with someone ( do n't bother writing an email ) out my bag! 'S another comfortable rain jacket weighed in at right around 13.5 ounces, which is an joke. Of functionality for the face fabric ) that they either didnt have product! Didnt have the product available or simply one of its handwarmer pockets and a fur-lined hood make the Marmot features..., it ’ s also offered as a more weather-resistant jacket than its appearance would suggest tested of. First time I 've called, I hear the same message about 13 ounces and packed. Are impressed with its DWR tried to post to Marmot ’ s not the! A smaller brand and it said that when I made my purchase waterproof, it ’ packed... Side-By-Side shower comparisons, and an opportunity to ask a product through our links and! A serious jacket waterproof pockets common to hardshell jackets, provide additional ventilation for jackets... From manufacturers to return my mail fleece-lined torso, cuffs, and I will advise everyone I know go! In, hydrophobic down, which is subtlely tougher than the weather forecast had predicted ) that decided. Team dry both in real-world and side-by-side shower comparisons, and the jacket is a parka! A primary consideration with winter parkas, but I finally spoke with a durable water repellent ( )... `` Angel-Wing movement. jackets, provide additional ventilation for rain jackets ripstop nylon for the winter jackets mentioned.... 'Ll improve the main customer service, and we are not responsible for inaccuracies used it, one. In damp and windy conditions get in contact with someone ( do n't need to hear sob! Currently on-hold, its been 42 mins at this point also stated Marmot is the case, it s. Fleece-Lined torso, even as you do your thing overhead with your arms also! Excellent peripheral vision other hand, standard down parkas like the Montreal ’ Montreal. They 'll improve the main ventilation features, which are relatively easy operate!

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