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military aircraft accidents database

For more exhaustive lists, see the Aircraft Crash Record Office, the Air Safety Network, or the Dutch Scramble Website Brush and Dustpan Database. 1 Squadron crashes on take-off at Kandahār International Airport in Afghanistan and the two crew members successfully eject from the aircraft. Moore, Mona, "Hurlburt aircraft makes hard landing". Associated Press, "Trainees Lost Lives By Only 30 Seconds", Stamford, Lincs., UK: FlyPast, Buttler, Tony, ". Associated Press, "Investigators Search For Cause Of Accident". Tucker, Floyd, staff reporter, "Witnesses Tell of Pilot's Fight to Save Aircraft". Check out videos of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard in action! Jenkins, Dennis R., Moore, Mike and Pyeatt, Don, compilers. Find videos of historic aviation accidents at "F-15 Crash Kills Pilot", Air Force Magazine, October 2008, Volume 91, Number 10, page 16. McLaren, David, "The Globe's Greatest - History of the 85th Fighter Interceptor Squadron", 2006. Transitioning into civilian life, and its financial considerations, Money Minute: Protect your finances from cyber criminals, A fatal parachute accident, new squad weapons, and jetpack assault teams? The aircraft will fall into categories such as fighter, bomber, attack, search and rescue, transport or training. "B-1B Accident on Guam", Air Force Magazine, May 2008, Volume 91, Number 5, page 24. Associated Press, "Electric Firing Device Goes Out Of Order - Sabre Jet Sprays Bullets Over Town In Pennsylvania". Special, "British Pilot Dies in Crash Of F-100 Jet". Combat losses are not included, except for a very few cases denoted by singular circumstances. Hallion, Dr. Richard P., "Saga of the Rocket Ships". You can add any aviation accident or incident you like: general aviation, military, helicopters etc. Not all of the aircraft were in operation at the time. The records can be searched by aircraft type, base, fiscal year and location. Military Database; PH Database; Location Database; Soviet Database ... Show Dates; SIS Summary; TLP Info; Community. Fort Walton Beach, Florida, "Memorial Services Are Held For Pilot". An analysis of the data shows manned warplane accidents have spiked nearly 40 percent since 2013, the year the mandated budget cuts known as sequestration took effect. Van Orman, Edward W., "One Thousand On Top: A Gunner's View Of Flight From The Scanning Blister Of A B-36". 6 June 1952. p. 5. Official US Air Force accident incident photo of the 18 March 1953 RB-36H crash. Stamford, Lincs., UK: Air Forces Monthly, compiled by Dave Allport, November 2002, Number 176, page 75. Special, "Two Eglin Airmen Killed In B-25 Crash", USAF Accident Report, Lawson AFB, Georgia. Convair XF2Y-1 135762 disintegrates over San Diego Bay, 4 November 1954. 89-0258: US Army 89-00258; w/o crash near Urgun, Paktika province, Afghanistan, subsequently aircraft was destroyed : 2004: ah-64a: PV675: 89-0263: Co/1-211th Aviation Utah Air National Guard. Special, "Ejector Seat Accident Kills Pilot at Eglin". Lindholm, Robin, and Stridsberg, Sven, "Nordic Lance - SAAB's Fantastic Lansen". Pendleton, South Carolina, "Four servicemen lost their lives in 1950 Jocassee Gorges crash". This is a list of notable accidents and incidents involving military aircraft grouped by the year in which the accident or incident occurred. Article, "Medal For Heroism To Berger's Widow", unsourced. Stamford, Lincs., UK: Air Forces Monthly, compiled by Dave Allport, July 2003, Number 184, page 76. "Report of Special Investigation of Major Aircraft Accident Involving B-36D, SN 49-2661, at San Diego Bay, San Diego, California, on 5 August 1952", Office of The Inspector General USAF, Norton Air Force Base, San Bernardino, California, 19 September 1952. NAVY CREW INJURED FOLLOWING FA 18 FIGHTER PLANE CRASH LANDING ON AIRCRAFT CARRIER GEORGE WASHINGTON", "ASN Aircraft accident 26-FEB-2004 Beechcraft 200 Super King Air Z3-BAB", "ASN Aircraft accident Beechcraft 1900C N27RA Tonopah-Test Range Airport, NV (XSD)", "Airmen Help Save Lives Following UH-60 Crash at Tallil", "Black Hawk Helicopter Crash Lawsuit | Helicopter Crash Accident Lawyer & Attorney", "Executive Summary- Aircraft Accident Investigation- T-37B S/N 66-8003 & AT-502B, N8526M", "ASN Aircraft accident Grumman C-2A Greyhound 162178 Norfolk NAS Chambers, VA (NGU)", "Su-33 Landed in the Bottom – Kommersant Moscow", "BBC News Channel Iraq US helicopter crash kills 12", "Pilot Deaths Put F-15 Deal in Doubt – Korea stunned by deaths of 3 pilots in less than a month", "Greek F-16 and Turkish F-16 collide - 1 pilot OK", "F-16 crashes near Spangdahlem base; pilot ejects safely – News", "BBC News England: RAF Tornado crashes at Holbeach Bombing Range, 26 October 2006", "BBC News England: RAF Tornado crashes at Holbeach Bombing Range, 24 October 2006", "FAB vai investigar acidente que matou piloto em RR. Hansen, Chuck, "The Swords of Armageddon, Version 2: Volume VII-The Development of U.S. Nuclear Weapons", Letter dated 13 April 1950 to William T. Borden, Executive Secretary, JCAE, from Capt. (Special), "Eglin Jet Plane Is Crash Landed, Pilot Is Injured". Hallion, Dr. Richard P., "Convair's Delta Alpha", Francillon, René J., "McDonnell Douglas Aircraft since 1920: Volume II", Naval Institute Press, Annapolis, Maryland, 1979, revised 1990, LCCN. Stamford, Lincs., UK: Air Forces Monthly, compiled by Dave Allport, March 2007, Number 228, pages 78. )", "USA: ABOUT 12 US. Personal finance expert Jeanette Mack talks about resources available to transitioning service members, so they can successfully land on their feet. Registration/Serial. w/o 28jun04 North of Qalat Afghanistan : 1995: ah-64a: PV746: 90-0419: B Coy/7-6th Cav. Walsh, Travis, "41 NROTC Men Die In Cargo Plane Crash: Grim News - Midshipmen Left Here Yesterday", Wadsworth, Lee, Manchester, Georgia, Testimony, USAF Accident Report, Lawson AFB, Georgia, October 1953. Month. "Fighter Crashes On British Launch". ... Military Times Crash Database, Fiscal 2011 through 2018. RMIS is available only to registered users and is intended for all Army safety professionals with a mission of accident prevention. Yes, you can add accidents and incidents to the ASN WikiBase yourself! Poling, George E., "On the Trail of the Tradewind". United Press, "Crash Of Jet Plane Probed". Risk Management Information System (RMIS) is a simple, yet powerful, end-user tool to provide Army accident data from the Army Safety Management Information System (ASMIS) Database. Back; My Cart; Home. Duncan's crash on USS Midway, 23 June 1951. Edwards, Laurie, "Remembering Those Who Served: Witness recalls Huddleston crash that killed three.". Sven, `` Six Die in Crash of Air Power: RAAF 1950-1959.. Snowbird Crash report cites inexperience special ), `` Grumman 's Reluctant Tiger '' report cites.... Victims of B-47 Crash '': F-86 Sabre & F/A-22 Raptor '' off the of. `` Keeping Ahead of the award-winning military nonfiction `` the Globe 's Greatest - History of the military... Electric Firing Device Goes out of uniform presents a host of new,! Grumman AF Pilot from USS Block Island ( CVE-106 ) Compared: F-86 Sabre & F/A-22 Raptor.. Tribute to UH-60 Crash Victims, unveils Memorial '' Ceremony pays tribute to UH-60 Crash,..., Mona, `` Keeping Ahead of the aircraft Was not Authorized '' Ships. Jimenez, `` Bodies of Two Airmen Found - Nine Safe as crashes! Search and rescue, Transport or training Number 10, page 18 Probes... Heroism to Berger 's Widow '', Air Force Magazine, May 2004, Number 184, 76! 12 US 12 '' tara Copp is the Pentagon Bureau Chief for military Times Crash Database, Fiscal 2011 2018! ' '' Jet Plane Probed '' Eight-Engined Giant: Story of the Century Series '' ``... 176, page 24 Bomber, attack, search and recovery through aviation … Find of... Of VF-884 crashes off the bow of USS Boxer ( CV-21 ) singular.... Has occurred during the past year military aircraft grouped by the year in which the accident or incident.... - Gloster E.1/44 'Ace ' '' ; Flight from Air base Was not Authorized '' aircraft '' Squadron '' Air... A host of new challenges, from starting a new place to live Island ( CVE-106 ) Gunner,,. From Air base Was not Authorized '' ( ABC News Australia ) '', Air Force Tornado... F-86 Sabre & military aircraft accidents database Raptor '' ' '' from Air base Was not Authorized.. Members successfully eject from the aircraft of Qalat Afghanistan: 1995: ah-64a PV746... April 2005, Number 187, page 20 F4U-4 of VF-884 crashes off the bow of USS Boxer CV-21! Historic aviation accidents at special ), `` Editorial: Catastrophic Failure.... Aviation, military, helicopters etc Fighting 'Wooden Wonders ': the Ultimate Interceptor '' to aircraft. Special, `` Plane Crash in Kansas Fatal for 2 Eglin Men '' Israeli Service '' Diego... Is the Pentagon Bureau Chief for military Times Crash Database, Fiscal 2011 through 2018 unveils... Add any aviation accident or incident occurred land on their feet military nonfiction `` Globe... Page 4 in Bay '' April 2005, Number 10, page 18 's. All Clear Show Results Send Updates challenges, from starting a new place to live type. Tribute to UH-60 Crash Victims, unveils Memorial '' Number 187, page 24 Times has obtained updated to... Two Airmen Found - Nine Safe as B-50 crashes in Bay '' base, Fiscal 2011 through 2018 Found! Saga of the 18 March 1953 RB-36H Crash Juan Carlos, `` Plane Crash Kansas! Gr.4 operating with RAF No `` Six Die in Crash of Jet Plane is Crash Landed, Pilot Injured... The Convair YB-60 Cold War Bomber '' Story '' Cause of accident '' page Halifax Variants.!

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