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north star jersey

background-color: #f9690e; #cspFormShell_9_175812 .cfsFieldShell input[type="submit"]:not([type="checkbox"]):not([type="radio"]), #cspFormShell_9_175812 .cfsFieldShell input[type="submit"]:not([type="checkbox"]):not([type="radio"]):hover, There are many excellent players in Minnesota North Stars's history. North Star Jersey’s sublimation capabilities are unmatched in the industry. background-color: rgba(0,0,0,0.5); #cspFormShell_9_175812 .cfsFieldShell input[type="button"], Tell us the team, tell us the era, and we'll get to work. }#cspFormShell_9_175812 { width: 90%}#cspFormShell_9_175812 .cfsSuccessMsg { color: #f9690e !important}, 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. background-color: #0a0a0a; margin-top: 30px; text-transform: uppercase; min-height: 60px; width: 100%; font-weight: bold; color: #fff; #cspFormShell_9_175812 form { North Star Jerseys will do whatever is necessary to get your team Game Ready! Find your favorite player or select an “Any Name” jersey … #cspFormShell_9_175812 .cfsFieldShell button { Your home for custom team jerseys, apparel, and accurately customized pro jerseys from any era! 17 talking about this. #cspFormShell_9_175812 .cfsFieldShell input[type="reset"]:not([type="checkbox"]):not([type="radio"]), } #cspFormShell_9_175812 .cfsFieldShell button:hover { #cspFormShell_9_175812 .cfsFieldShell .cfsCheck, border: 1px solid #FFF; } background-color: inherit; } Guaranteed 3 day delivery. Minnesota North Stars NHL Fan Jerseys; Skip to page navigation. #cspFormShell_9_175812 [type="submit"] { } All Rights Reserved. #cspFormShell_9_175812 .g-recaptcha { Premium Quality. We work with the top-of-the-line fabrics to ensure you’re feeling your best out on the field. background-color: rgba(249,105,14,0.7); -webkit-appearance: none; As a fan, you want to represent your team properly. #cspFormShell_9_175812 h3 { Our wide selection of Minnesota North Star Jerseys is made up of high quality CCM throwbacks, each custom made with sewn-on name bars and numbers. font-size: 24px; Customize your jersey to look like your favourite pro's, Step onto the playing surface in uniforms that you can be proud of, Every last stitch is handsewn with precision. font-size: 24px; This allows the uniforms to be very light-weight, and showcase vibrant colors and bold designs that you can’t achieve with traditional uniforms. padding: 10px; North Star Jersey Company offers a unique, customizable product that you will be proud to wear. #cspFormShell_9_175812 .cfsFieldShell input[type="reset"]:not([type="checkbox"]):not([type="radio"]):hover { border: 0 none; background-image: none; All; Auction; Buy It Now; Sort: Best Match. font-weight: bold; font-weight: 700; Our fabric is extremely lightweight and will showcase your teams’ colors and designs in a way that traditional jerseys cannot. Fast Delivery. North Star Jersey Company offers a unique, customizable product that you will be proud to wear. We can deliver professional level uniforms in record time, while also keeping the prices down and providing top of class materials, design, and performance. #cspFormShell_9_175812 .cfsFieldShell textarea, You can even make one for your dog! #cspFormShell_9_175812 .cfsFieldShell button { © 2018 North Star Jersey Company. #cspFormShell_9_175812 .cfsFieldShell button { Get your team Game Ready! North Star Jerseys uses AK-Athletic Knit brand materials for all our team jerseys. Most orders require either a quick meeting to go over materials, sizing and design. height: auto; Baseball is our passion and we want you to look good and play well! You can even make one for your dog! Join North Star Jerseys at the Big 4 Play for the name on the front of the shirt and they’ll remember the name on the back. line-height: normal; /*padding-left: 10px;/**/ We can deliver professional looking uniforms in 3-4 weeks while keeping the prices down and providing top of the line materials, design, and performance. } #cspFormShell_9_175812 .cfsFieldShell input:not([type="checkbox"]):not([type="radio"]), We are a small, local business that is able to get jerseys done fast and affordable. If you need another jersey or two it is very easy to order during the season. font-family: "Raleway", "Helvetica Neue", Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif; border-radius: 4px; There are no minimums! We offer affordable pricing and no design fees so you are even able to afford multiple jerseys for your team. Time: ending soonest; Time: newly listed; Price + Shipping: lowest first; Price + Shipping: highest first; Distance: nearest first; View: Gallery View. border-radius: 25px !important; We specialize in youth and adult baseball uniforms and our customization process allows you to design your own jerseys with unlimited colors, names, and numbers. Your way. Whether you're a young fan with a brand new jersey, or an old fan with a vintage jersey, we can ensure it's customized with your favourite player to the exact specifications that was worn on the ice. #cspFormShell_9_175812 { } Click the link below to start browsing AK's jersey collection! padding: 0 25px 25px; North Star Jerseys officially opens for business. #cspFormShell_9_175812 label { The franchise moved to Dallas, Texas in 1993 and became the Dallas Stars. Each player’s uniform is printed, cut out, and sewn together by an incredibly talented team assuring the highest quality is achieved with each piece. display: block; } /*Fields shell basic*/ hyphens: none; Play for the name on the front of the shirt and they’ll remember the name on the back. You won’t find a cheaper, better quality uniform that is delivered to you faster. With North Star Jersey Company, each uniform is made to order. font-size: 14px; If you have a different brand in mind, or a style that may not be offered, no problem! background-image: none; } float: right; #cspFormShell_9_175812 .cfsFieldShell input[type="button"], Filter (2) Minnesota North Stars NHL Fan Jerseys. Your jerseys.

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