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pick your birth month to reveal your most dominant trait

You are full of life and very enthusiastic by nature. You’re the flirty one that everyone has crush on! And if their negative traits are mentioned too, well then they have a reason to blame – their birth month! We all have one trait in our personality that stands out from the rest of our qualities. You tend to be diplomatic most of the time, and try to resolve issues without much fight. Scroll down to your birth month and know what your birthday tells about your personality: People born in January are very productive, smart, disciplined and organised. You are good philosophers and highly intuitive. They are highly emotional and sensitive. One Wise Life | Maria Flynn. However, you are impatient and tend to make hasty decisions at times. You're someone people admire. More writers are coming to the forefront of this work including, Numerology: The Romance in Your Name by Dr. Juno Jordan, and The Philosophy of Numbers: Their Tone and Colors by L. Dow Balliett. Courageous, you can get hurt easily but you're quick to recover. They are self motivated and do not rely on others for their basic needs. People born in January are very productive, smart, disciplined and organised. They have a problem expressing their love to the loved ones. They are outgoing, headstrong and have a dynamic personality. After all, there’s a reason astrology and numerology have stood the test of time, yes? They give a lot of importance to friendships that they have formed. Moreover, who doesn’t want to know about their positive traits! When you understand this better, you can support yourself by amplifying what serves you and support you in your life. Like your charming looks, you're the best one in bed, too. Your birth date can reveal your dominant personality traits. They value originality and have strong humanitarian instincts. You do lie at times, but you're never fake. You're practical and you always try to make the right choices in life. They are very diligent and highly ambitious. They have a strong fine clairvoyance and psychic qualities. Take the quiz and find out. They crave attention and affection from people. Your intelligence and confidence add grace to your lively personality. You always try to maintain your integrity. They are determined and hardly ever rely on somebody else for help. NUMEROLOGY QUIZ: What Were You Born To Do? However, they are often mistaken or misunderstood. Now if you are a June-born person, we don’t have to tell you about your socials skills. They are also known to be spendthrifts. You are not only inquisitive but also great debaters, which is the reason why you hardly lose any argument. You work hard for your dreams. Creativity is something inherent in you, though you tend to get distracted more often. We bet you know what we are going to tell you as you are most fond of yourselves and possess a supreme sense of supremacy over the others. You have a bubbly personality and your sense of humor makes you a funny person. They leave a positive influence on everyone that they meet, leaving everyone wanting to be friends with them. They have a sharp mind and are highly talented. Take the quiz and find out. You do love attention, but you're also kind enough to give others space. You prefer quietness and have a strong artistic side. RELATED: Your Dominant Personality Traits, Based On The 5 Fundamental Elements Of Nature. In fact, they are naturally competitive people. You're famous for being the playboy and you simply kill your haters with your personality. You are quite logical and ambitious. They are known for their patience, tolerance and perseverance. They have an affectionate and selfless kind of nature. Your intelligence quotient is pretty high, and so are your moods. You're the most attractive one in the group! More articles that will interest you: 5 Signs You’re Waking Up Your Spiritual Self And Using It To Help You In Your … You are the most genuine of friends and extremely loyal in relationships. They usually know how to get what they want. They set their own rules and are known to be stubborn. By using a series of numerical conclusions, your birth date can be reduced to a single number that can reveal what kind of individual you are (your dominant traits). The most popular of all, people born in this month are charismatic and charming to the core. People born in May are known to be stubborn and self dependent. They love their family and are very caring and protective of their loved ones. You forgive but you never forget. They are loyal, honest and straightforward. The fourth month of the year is the month of extremes, which means the people born in this month have the extreme of all emotions and traits. © 2020 by Tango Media Corporation All Rights Reserved. RELATED: The Weird Way Your Birth Season Affects Your General Life Mood. You're passionate about everything you do. They are sort of perfectionists and highly patient. You have a vision very different from the rest along with a unique sense of judgement. You have an outgoing personality with "don’t give a damn" attitude. They are hardworking and good organisers. You are honest and selfless in friendships and relationships. They are emotionally very intelligent and have a firm hold on their emotions. They are very brave, feisty and independent. Your birth date can reveal your dominant personality traits. Consider using your dominant personality traits based on your birth date to support you and your life path instead. Also, they don’t talk much and are mostly silent people. Being a day-dreamer, you can be quite unpredictable at times. You’re a free bird with love for abstract thoughts. They are very fair and believe in justice. You’re loved, you’re adorable. You have a magnetic personality which exudes confidence and mental strength. You are great achievers and born leaders. They are shy and secretive. You're caring, emotional, and always help your friends when they go through any problem. You take time to be in a relationship, but when you do, you flare it up with your intensity. Both books are great starters if you’re interested in learning more. You enjoy the limelight and have a playful attitude towards life. You're also well-skilled in spicing up your love life with your inner and outer beauty. You enjoy exploring the world and are a beautiful person from within. Your peers enjoy your company because you always cheer them up. They have high energy levels and are known to be super active. The romance is within you as you rarely express your inner feelings. And these qualities make you great lovers. Like the winter snow, you have a beautiful serenity yet there’s a great depth to it. People born in the second month of the year are usually very frank and truthful.

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