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pirelli cinturato velo rolling resistance

Our customer reviews. All rolling resistance tests are performed on our rolling resistance test machine. The Pirelli Cinturato Velo TLR road bike tyres complete the range of Pirelli by also offering a tubeless variant now. All size measurements are taken at low air pressure on a 17.8 mm inner width rim. An aramid fiber belt located underneath the tread in order to protect the casing from sharp objects: aramid is a fiber with high cut and abrasion resistance. Coupling a reinforced casing construction featuring a woven fabric bead-to-bead layer with a tubeless-ready Aramid bead optimized for wide modern rims, Cinturato™ Gravel Hard Terrain offers an extremely high level of puncture protection and a new level of performance in terms of rolling and grip, as well as great reliability - which is already what the Cinturato™ trademark stands for in Pirelli. The special SpeedGRIP Compound adds features of mechanical resistance and chemical grip without compromising the rolling efficiency. 306 grams is a bit more than most other tubeless-ready tires which often come in somewhere between 250 and 270 grams in the 25-622 size. At lower air pressures, the difference gets a bit bigger resulting in a disadvantage of 5.4 to 5.9 watts at 80 psi / 5.5 bars. Super Reifen. Ad Buy Pirelli Cinturato Velo TLR at The Cinturato Velo is a 700×28, tubeless ready, well-protected tire that’s ready for any road surface and any weather condition you’re likely to ride on or in. To get the full picture, you'll also have to take the high tread thickness and very good puncture resistance results (can be found below) into account. Check our The Test - ca. We will send you an email with a link to reset your password. Copyright © 2020 Pirelli & C. S.p.A. - Pirelli Tyre S.p.A. We will never post without your permission. page to read in detail about how we test bicycle tires. Pirelli promised a new level of puncture resistance with the release of the Cinturato Velo. Enter the email address associated with your account. Like many other tubeless-ready tires, the Cinturato Velo comes with a bead-to-bead protective layer which not only helps to provide a decent puncture resistance but also helps keep the air in. Whoa, total tire thickness at the center of the tread comes in at 3.7 mm which is much thicker than most other road bike tires. Low rolling resistance; Dry & wet grip, comfort, puncture protection, mileage; Superior handling for extreme safety feeling ; Product features. TEST VERDICT: The BEST PRICE can not be combined with other special offers (i.e. - SmartNET™ Silica rubber compound guarantees safe rides and confidence-inspiring handling even in harsh conditions Pirelli recently made a comeback into the bicycle tire market with the release of the P Zero Velo line of road bike tires. We can confirm that, with a score of 20 points in our tread puncture test, a new benchmark has been set. Ich fahre bereits seit knapp 1500 km die 32C Variante. Although rolling resistance of the Cinturato wasn't the main design criteria, it's still very important. The P Zero Velo tires were mostly focused on speed and weight, and performed great in our tests. The product is the same (size, colour, model year, finish etc.) By ticking this box I hereby authorise the processing of my Personal Data by email for the purpose of direct marketing in accordance with the Privacy Policy. As promised by Pirelli, our tests confirm that the Cinturato TLR sets a new level of puncture resistance. All size measurements are taken at an air pressure of 100 psi / 6.9 bars on a 17.8 mm inner width rim. Recommended, Tubolito inner tube rolling resistance tests, Rolling resistance of tubeless Vs latex and butyl inner tubes, Overview page with all CX/Gravel bike tires that have been tested, Measured Total Thickness Center (excluding knobs). The properties of the new SpeedGRIP Compound formulation are tailored for all weather conditions, regardless of whether the terrain is dry or wet. RATING: The regular SmartNET Silica compound is a low rolling resistance compound and is said to provide good grip even in cold and wet conditions. Its light weight and flexibility also ensure rolling efficiency and overall performance of the tyre. Thanks to its nano-rod conformation and the resulting network generation, coupled with the natural chemical water affinity of the Silica itself, it solves the traditional trade-off of rubber compounds, ranking high on opposite features such as rolling and wet grip, mileage and puncture protection.

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