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shark culling pros and cons

The WA State Government has issued a tender for professional fishers to catch and kill all white, bull and tiger sharks more than three metres long in certain areas along the state's coast. If Queensland has the right to cull sharks for the safety of their people, surely Western Australia deserves that right as well! Source: Fish Hoek Surf Lifesaving Club. Yes, unfortunately, there have been thousands of human deaths caused by mosquitoes, snakes, dogs, tsetse flies, assassin bugs, freshwater snails, Ascaris roundworms, tapeworms, and crocodiles. Science: For transient species, such as great whites, closures may reduce attack risk if the shark is moving through the area. 142 pp. Our first and foremost priority should always be towards the protection of human life. 20 January 2014. Shark culls have been rejected for their high ecological impacts in Western Australia by scientists from Bond University (McPhee, 2012). Most shark species are spread across large areas. Sharks are critical to marine life because they reduce the super-abundance of other species;7. 5 Minute Read. A report on the Queensland Shark Safety Program 33 pp. View Dr-Abalone-994525503945760’s profile on Facebook, View UCjkG7-kojPpvaWTVKBdCWQw’s profile on YouTube,,, Global Perspectives on the Biology and Life History of the White Shark, Twelve Days of Terror: A Definitive Investigation of the 1916 New Jersey Shark Attacks, Jaws Wars: Western Australia’s war on sharks won’t make swimmers any safer, Western Australian shark cull policy dumped: experts react, ← Trinidad Tri-tip: California BBQ on the Pit Barrel Cooker, The Surfing Ecologist: A New Synergy for Surfers and Science | Dr Abalone, Are Animals Conscious and Does it Matter? So here’s a brief review of the current methods used to respond to shark attacks, including hunts, culls, barriers, beach closures, spotters, and research and education. Myers, R. A., J.K. Baum, T. D. Shepherd, S.P. Mr Barnett says commercial fishermen are understandably wary. It stated that “the annual rate of attack was the same both before and after meshing commenced.”. Science: of the three principal species that attack humans, two of them — white and tiger sharks — can migrate up to 30-100 km per day, so it unlikely localized fishing effort would actually eliminate the culprit shark if it was one of these species, although it is possible. Sign-up to receive the twice-weekly email newsletter. — Learn how to increase the chances of surviving a shark attack. By-catch may be very high initially but rates decline over time as the local communities of sharks, dolphins and turtles decline. As a result, when sharks are removed or reduced in natural ecosystems through human activities, marine communities can change drastically and cause imbalances among species (Myers, 2007). What is shark culling? From Guilford, 2015. Some trials of the technology have taken place, with another trial due to begin this year at Port Stephens. THE ABC reports that commercial fishermen in Western Australia are hesitant to tender for work on the state's controversial shark cull because of concerns for their safety. Depending on government policy, dangerous sharks can be euthanased or transported out to sea, while other non-target marine life can be released. A drum line consists of a large, baited hook suspended from a large plastic float, which in turn is anchored to the sea bed. These methods do not eliminate shark attacks completely. But as a surfer, I understand the strong desire to be in the ocean every day, to be able to surf and feel relatively safe while pursuing my lifestyle, one largely free from the worry of being attacked by an aggressive shark. It is wrong for us to go into another creatures habitat and act vengefully when we are attacked. Sharks are irrational predators;3. Yet the public seems willing to engage in a wider debate, with shark hunts and culling off the table, to make room for new options that have clearer benefits and less costs. To remove rejected members or parts from (a herd, for example). Beach closures and staying out of the water for a certain period of time; In the end, humans must remember that they don't have control over Nature and the oceans. (2012). Embrace the most powerful quotes about the Sun. PROS: Supporters argue fewer sharks equal fewer attacks. Sydney, New South Wales, Sustainable Mobility in Urban Areas For example, the Shark Meshing (Bather Protection) Program in NSW Australia has been in place since 1937 (Green et al., 2009).
Apex predators hold a certain fascination – we marvel at their control of their territory. Students also understand that debating can be used to give proponents for both sides of a contentious issue the opportunity to present their case. PROS: Guaranteed to avoid a shark encounter by staying on land. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Shark control: experimental fishing with baited drumlines Marine and Freshwater Research. Fact Check: Are smart drum lines just a PR exercise? Pro: When properly maintained barriers can be very effective at eliminated sharks from small areas. Statistics are not all the comforting.

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