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spruance class destroyer blueprints

Die Spruance-Klasse waren die ersten großen Schiffe der US Navy, die mit Gasturbinen ausgestattet wurden. During a brief shipyard period in 1983, she received the Phalanx CIWS and the TAS Mk 23 radar system. Damit ersetzten die Spruances die Schiffe der Forrest-Sherman-Klasse, die in den 1980ern außer Dienst gingen und bildeten zusammen mit den 10 Einheiten der Farragut-Klasse und den 23 Einheiten der Charles-F.-Adams-Klasse die Zerstörerflotte der Navy. By 2000, however, the remaining Spruances’ capabilities were duplicated or had counterparts in the 27 Flight I and II Arleigh Burkes by then in commission. All 31 “Spru-cans” were built at Litton Ingalls Shipbuilding, Pascagoula, Mississippi. Diese Seite wurde zuletzt am 24. [citation needed], Admirals Vern Clark and Gary Roughead (who would later go on to become the 27th and 29th Chiefs of Naval Operations, respectively), were Spruance's commanding officer and executive officer, respectively, from 1984 to 1985. Successful completion of the COMPUTEX also certifies the carrier and its embarked air wing as qualified for open-ocean operations. They are active and referred to as the Kee Lung class. The ship's Drydocked Selected Restricted Availability (DSRA) was conducted aboard the floating drydock SUSTAIN that was specially brought from Norfolk to Jacksonville arriving in January 2000. Login Register. Im achternen Deckshaus befand sich ein Hangar für zwei Helikopter. Sie hat eine Schussfrequenz von 16 bis 20 Schuss pro Minute, pro Geschütz stehen 600 Projektile zur Verfügung. [citation needed], In July 1994, as part of Operation Restore Democracy, U.S. Navy ships were assigned to helping to enforce the United Nations embargo of Haiti. Die Schiffe wurden fast alle entweder zum Zerlegen verkauft oder als Zielschiff versenkt. Insgesamt wurden 31 Einheiten fertiggestellt, die bis 2005 in Dienst waren. Lediglich die Ex-USS Paul F. Foster ist heute noch als Testschiff im Einsatz. Außerdem war für den Einsatz gegen U-Boote direkt vor dem Deckshaus ein Mark-112-Starter für ASROC installiert. Mehrere Schiffe liefen auf Grund, unter anderem 1989 die USS Spruance (DD-963), die bei starkem Wind vor den Bahamas auf Grund getrieben wurde und für 1,4 Mio. Die Spruance-Klasse war eine Klasse von Zerstörern in der United States Navy, die ab 1972 gebaut wurde. Trotzdem genehmigte der Kongress den Bau von vorerst 30 Einheiten, finanziert aus den Haushaltsjahren 1970 bis 1975, für den Preis von rund 145 Mio. The red disc, "cut off" at Midway, refers to the defeat which halted the Japanese advance in the Pacific. Spruance class Destroyers have imperial fleet level mobility and have no trouble keeping up with Imperial Fleet maneuvers in the 6th Fleet where they serve. The idea was to reap the benefits of mass construction, but labor and technical problems caused cost overruns and delayed construction. Spruance's first operational deployment was in October 1979 to the Mediterranean Sea, as a member of the USS Saratoga Carrier Battle Group. Technisch gesehen gehören sie jedoch der Spruance-Klasse an, besitzen lediglich eine Bewaffnung, die eher auf Luftverteidigung ausgelegt ist. Achteraus lag die Kajüte des Kapitäns, weiter dahinter noch die Aufklärungs- und Funkräume. SPRUANCE was relieved as flagship by USS HAYLER (DD 997) on October 9 after having completed more than 170 boardings, and then started her transit homeward through the Suez Canal on October 11. The last ship of the class was decommissioned in 2005, with most examples broken up or destroyed as targets. USS Arthur W. Radford | Designed complement: 24 officers; 330 enlisted. USS Conolly | This was done successfully in port. The four white pointed stars on the banner of blue indicate the ultimate rank achieved by Admiral Spruance during the Second World War. Among these was Spruance which took onboard nine hundred Haitians for the transit to Guantanamo Naval Station. The SPRUANCE class destroyers were the first class of ships in the US Navy to have gas turbine power. While attached to Sixth Fleet, Spruance conducted a brief stop for fuel in Rota, Spain, followed by a liberty port visit in Palma De Mallorca, Spain. She also conducted operations with Teamwork '84 in the northern Atlantic and in the Arctic Ocean in 1984. On September 10, 1993, the USS SPRUANCE intercepted the 18,000th ship since sanctions were put into place in August 1990, as part of the multinational maritime interception effort enforcing United Nations sanctions against Iraq. Hayler was originally planned as a DDH (Destroyer, Helicopter) design, which would carry more anti-submarine helicopters than the standard design of the Spruance class. She returned home on November 14. Die restlichen 24 Einheiten wurden zwischen Oktober 2000 und September 2005 außer Dienst gestellt, da die Schiffe der Arleigh-Burke-Klasse die der Spruance-Klasse ersetzten. Ende der 1960er Jahre bestand bei der US Navy Bedarf an Zerstörern, die in den Flugzeugträgerkampfgruppen hauptsächlich für U-Jagd und außerdem zur Luftverteidigung eingesetzt werden konnten. COMPUTEX is an intermediate level battle group exercise designed to forge the battle group into a cohesive, fighting team, and is a critical step in the predeployment training cycle and prerequisite for the battle group's Joint Task Force Exercise (JTFEX) scheduled for early the following year. They are streamlined for ocean refueling if need be, with scoops and refineries. They use mostly bay mounted weaponry and have no spinal mounted weapons. An air-capable mini V/STOL aircraft carrier with fighters and ASW helicopters based on the Spruance hull was seriously considered but not produced.[2][3]. However, so many Haitians were picked up from the sea that Coast Guard ships needed an assist from Navy "gray hulls" in the region to handle the volume. A major update in the 1990s would add a Vertical Launch Missile System (VLS) for the Tomahawk surface-to-surface missile which effectively made the modernized vessels up to DDG standard, although this class still lacked the stealth and missile capabilities of later Aegis equipped cruisers and destroyers. On 24 September 2001, as part of the John F. Kennedy Carrier Battle Group, Spruance commenced use of the Vieques Island inner range in conjunction with their Composite Unit Training Exercises (COMPUTEX). The USS Paul F. Foster replaced the USS Decatur in 2005 as the Self Defense Test Ship. Serving as the flagstaff of Destroyer Squadron 24, Spruance made significant contributions throughout the deployment including: visiting thirteen foreign ports; participating in five multinational naval exercises in the Mediterranean Sea and the Black Sea; serving as Presidential Support Ship in Rotterdam, Netherlands; representing the U.S. Navy in Thoule Sur Mer, France, in commemorating the fifty-second anniversary of the Allied landings in southern France; and hosting Ukrainian military and diplomatic distinguished visitors during the 1997 Ukrainian Independence Day celebration. The exercise, which began the week prior, also utilized the northern and southern Puerto Rican operating areas, and involved complex battle group training events, naval surface fire-support training and air-to-ground bombing. Die Systeme zur elektronischen Kampfführung bestanden aus dem AN/SLQ-32. Ingalls war außerdem verantwortlich für die gesamte Weiterplanung nach dem Bau und die Beschaffung von sowie Bestückung mit den Waffensystemen. Der Rumpf der Spruance-Klasse war 172 Meter lang, bei einer Breite von 16,8 Metern. Of the $30 million assigned, $28.5 million has been provided to three contractors. Deutsch . The small craft factor indicates the number of squadrons (of ten craft) carried on the ship. Allgemein als eigene Klasse werden die Schiffe der Kidd-Klasse gesehen. USD English (US) English (US) Español. Ihre Hauptaufgabe bestand in der Eskorte von Flugzeugträgern und speziell in der Verteidigung gegen feindliche U-Boote. Zusätzlich wurde auf beiden Deckshäusern je ein Nahbereichsverteidigungssystem vom Typ Phalanx installiert, das auf kurze Distanz gegen anfliegende Raketen eingesetzt werden konnte. Four additional ships were built for the Iranian Navy with the Mark 26/Standard AAW missile system but were completed as Kidds for the U.S. Navy. Mittschiffs waren zwei Starter für je vier AGM-84 Harpoon zum Einsatz gegen feindliche Schiffe installiert, und achtern unter dem Landedeck befand sich ein Starter Mark 29 für insgesamt 24 RIM-7 Sea Sparrow gegen Luftziele. USS Stump | Login Register English (US) English (US) Español. Unter Deck lagen, genau mittschiffs, die Maschinenräume, davor und dahinter die Quartiere für die Mannschaften. [citation needed]. The exercise, which began the week prior, also utilized the northern and southern Puerto Rican operating areas, and involved complex battle group training events, naval surface fire-support training and air-to-ground bombing. In the fall of 1999, the USS SPRUANCE detached from the JOHN F. KENNEDY Battle Group to relieve the USS PETERSON (DD 969) as the United States' representative to the Standing Naval Forces Mediterranean (STANAVFORMED). The ship's crew intercepted the Maltese-flagged bulk carrier "Early Star" in the North Red Sea during normal intercept operations. zwei Jahre verzögerten, so dass die letzte der ursprünglich geplanten 30 Einheiten 1980, mit rund zwei Jahren Verzug, in Dienst gestellt wurde. The remaining seven ships not upgraded were decommissioned early. She deployed for a six-month period on 26 May 1993 to the Red Sea where she spent over three and a half months conducting visit and board and search operations in support of United Nations sanctions against Iraq. STANAVFORMED is part of NATO's `Reaction Force' and as such was ready to respond to any crisis in NATO's area of interest, although its primary area of operations is the Mediterranean. Comfort and habitability were considerations in the ship’s design; some ships were retrofitted to provide separate quarters for female personnel. The Spruance-class destroyers were developed for the defense of nuclear aircraft carrier task forces against the latest generation of submarines. After dealing with the effects of Hurricanes Floyd and Gert off the east coast of Florida, USS SPRUANCE crossed the Atlantic and entered the Mediterranean with other ships from the JOHN F. KENNEDY.

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