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tarom 371 cvr transcript

December 21, 1988. The Flight Data Recorder recorded an attempt to engage the autopilot. A little over a year later on March 22, 1994 the elite reserve captain of the now routine flight is also a proud father, inviting his son and daughter to visit the cockpit and even allowing the children a few minutes in the captains seat. " In 2005, TANS Peru Flight 204 crashed into the Amazonian jungle, leaving a trail of bodies and wreckage scattered across the rainforest. Following a fatal crash in treacherous conditions at Taipei's Chiang Kai-shek airport, investigators make a shocking discovery on the runway. And, it's the captain's hidden flaw that proves fatal for everyone on board Trans Colorado Flight 2286. What caused the tragic accident? The plane is flying too slowly to remain airborne. Already an hour behind schedule, the pilots fear the heavy snowfall will further delay their departure, and after refueling, they taxi into position and accelerate. Miraculously, all the passengers and crew survived the crash. The media claims the storm is to blame, but the evidence soon points investigators in a different direction. He calculates to make sure that his seat lies directly over the planes fuel tank, and plants the bomb under his seat before disembarking at a stopover in the Philippines. A 737 cruising above an Indonesian jungle suddenly plummets from the sky. Everyone on board is killed. May I turn this?" The aircraft crashed into the ground at 09:08:34 near Balotesti with a speed of 324 knots (600 km/h; 373 mph). Flown by two experienced pilots, the passenger jet is equipped with every computerized navigation aid. The plane hits the ground, breaking... February 12th, 2009 - Two hours behind schedule and nearing the end of its 53-minute trip from Newark, New Jersey, Continental Connections Flight #3407 is approaching Buffalo-Niagara International Airport. The catastrophe is The Netherlands worst ever aviation disaster. After circling above the Taiwan Strait to wait out a passing cyclone, TransAsia Flight 222 crashes on the Taiwanese resort island of Penghu. And though the crew expects to emerge from the intense weather, they are pummeled by high winds and heavy rains on their final approach and slam into the ground just short of the runway. With 23 people dead, including seven Manchester United players, the high-profile air disaster effectively wipes out one of the best football teams in the world. An explosion rips a gaping hole in the cabin of a brand-new DC-10. A monument dedicated to the memories of the ones who perished in the accident is situated in the vicinity of the crash site. Sudden G-forces are so violent passengers are lifted out of their seats. The plane was now effectively flying on one wing! Rushing a landing, they find themselves disoriented and headed into a mountainside. The pilots are bound for Phoenix, Arizona, but first they have to find their runway. In less than three minutes, the plane is completely engulfed by fire. In an effort to recover lost time, the pilots push the Boeing 757 full speed to the last. The country is under attack, nearly 3,000 people are dead, and the FBI launches the largest investigation in American history. Investigators at Taiwan's Aviation Safety Council face a barrage of questions. But then the misfiring engine won't let him slow down for landing. July 11th, 1991 Preparing to take a group of African-Muslim pilgrims home to Sokoto, Nigeria, Nigerian Airways Flight #2120 takes off from Jeddah's sprawling airport in Saudi Arabia in the blistering desert heat. Flight: Garuda Flight 200, Boeing 737; March 7th, 2007. All 55 people on board are killed. The wreckage is scattered over 2,000 square kilometers, and when investigators find proof the aircraft was the victim of a bomb, the area becomes the largest crime scene in the world. Flight: TAM Airlines Flight 402; Fokker 100; October 31st, 1996. As investigators comb through the charred debris for evidence, they try and answer troubling questions: Why did the two planes collide? Taking off during a major storm, a brand-new 737 falls from the sky over West Africa, and an international group of investigators soon descends on Cameroon. It is September 11th, 2001, and shortly after taking off from Washington DC, hijackers storm the cockpit of American Airlines Flight 77 and fly the plane into the Pentagon. At first, investigators suspect the plane's navigation instruments may have malfunctioned. It's high above the Mediterranean when suddenly, its right engine fails. As the aircraft is accelerating, a loud thud emanates from the fuselage, and the pilots abandon takeoff. A loud bang is heard from the cockpit. Passengers fight for their lives inside a burning plane at Dallas Fort Worth Airport. April 4, 1977. A Pakistani airliner crashes in the Himalayas. The Cessna erupts in flames. To solve this issue the pilots drop down to a lower altitude, but before they can reach it a Stall Warning fills the cockpit. With New York on one side and New Jersey on the other, Captain Chesley Sullenberger is running out of options. With some of the emergency exits blocked by fire, frantic passengers fight through flames and thickening smoke. LAM Mozambique Airlines Flight 470 is headed for Luanda, Angola, when it disappears from radar. The reason was unknown. And, during a demonstration flight, a brand new Russian Superjet slams into a mountain south of Jakarta. TAROM Flight 371 took off at 09:06:44 local time (06:06:44 UTC) from runway 08R, with First Officer Stoi as the PF (pilot flying). In California's Mojave Desert, Virgin Galactic test pilots are at the controls of a revolutionary aircraft designed for sub-orbital flight. We work hard to keep our advertising relevant and unobtrusive to create a great experience. In light snow, the aircraft careers down the runway, but just as it approaches takeoff speed, the plane suddenly slows down and, without lifting off the ground, crashes into a nearby house and fuel shed. After a routine landing, a Taiwanese commuter plane is rocked by a massive explosion. Many of the 533 who were on board are left thrashing in the two-metre waves, fighting to be rescued by local fishing... February 8, 1986 Four kilometers before the double track narrows to a single railway outside the town of Hinton, Alberta, Canada, a 12 million-kilogram, 2 kilometer-long freight train on the upper track approaches a yellow caution light alerting it to slow down. The data recorder reveals the confusing sound of multiple alarms. The crash helps scientists overcome a notorious danger to airplanes, the microburst. Were Tarom Flight 371 pilots fit to fly? In the aftermath, an airport is transformed... United Airlines Flight #232 DC-10 July 19th, 1989 United Airlines Flight #232 is 37,000 feet over Iowa when one of its three engines explodes. And as they pore over the evidence, they uncover a disturbing tale of greed and a deadly gamble. Osutaka. As the smoke grows thicker, the crew has no choice but attempt to land the plane. The aircraft flies toward weather so severe that the pilots must divert to avoid it. TACA Airlines Flight #110 Boeing 737-300 series May 24th, 1988 Flying through a violent thunderstorm, TACA Flight #110 begins its final descent towards New Orleans when both engines quit and the plane begins dropping from the sky. 136 people die. En route to Dallas from Orlando, a private Learjet carrying pro golf legend Payne Stewart goes rogue. En route from Washington, D.C. to Columbus, Ohio, United Express Flight 6291 is on its final approach when the high-performance twin turboprop crashes just a mile from the runway. In ten violent seconds, the crash has become one of the most mysterious air disasters in aviation history. As it crashes, the left engine catches fire. The copilot is alone in the cockpit as the plane suddenly begins to dive , so fast that it creates weightlessness within the passengers cabin. But just as the pilots are preparing for descent, the plane falls out of the sky. An American cargo plane attempts a difficult landing at the US naval station at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Determined to give their passengers a bird's eye view of a legendary French ocean liner, they fly in a low loop around Quiberon Bay. Destined for Fort Campbell, Kentucky, they are travelling on Arrow Air Flight #1285, a charter air carrier contracted by the military to transport troops. None of them notice that the plane is slowly descending to the ground, until its too late. Can they figure out what went wrong in time to prevent another similar catastrophe? The region is notorious for its turbulent weather, so the pilots of Super Puma helicopter are not surprised when a storm develops during a routine worker transport on January 19, 1995. A Los Angeles neighborhood is devastated and more than 80 lives are lost when two planes fall from the sky. Following Pan Am's bankruptcy in 1991, the aircraft was transferred to Delta Air Lines with the same registration. The first day of their demanding three-day trip takes them from Zagreb to Tuzla to Dubrovnik. Quickly falling out of the sky and with just seconds to react, the captain raises the plane's flaps to reduce drag. Investigators soon come up with a theory to explain the crash. It was powered by two Pratt & Whitney PW4152 turbofan engines and had logged in 31,092 flight hours and 6,216 takeoff and landing cycles. 2 was recorded. Inside the storm, their plane is hit by powerful winds that slam the plane to the ground. The two wreckage fields are five miles apart. [3][4] It was also the deadliest plane crash in TAROM's operational history. It is the worst US crash in more than 7 years, but with a raging fire... January 15th, 2009 - Less than two minutes after taking off from New York's LaGuardia Airport, US Airways Flight #1549 collides with a flock of birds. When American Airlines Flight 587 crashed into Queens, New York after 9/11, it was considered an act of terror – until evidence proved otherwise. The windshield has popped off and the captain has been sucked out through the opening. The Manufacturer's Serial Number (MSN) was 450, and the aircraft had its first flight in 1987. A crash carrying the Manchester United football team sparks an international argument. After declaring an emergency, they turn around in the hopes of reaching Anchorage, 1300 kilometers away. Their conclusions will uncover a frightening problem that threatens the safety of the entire aviation system. On every flight, passengers place their lives in the hands of their captain whose human flaws are enough to bring down an aircraft. Facing almost zero-visibility, the pilots rely entirely on ground controllers as they navigate into position for takeoff. Phase V: The plane crashes into a Long Island hillside killing 73 people. The Tarom flight ROT371 accident can be divided into few phases : Phase I : However, the FCOM issued by TAROM and Swissair did include these procedures.[2][9]. The accident occurred on 31 March, 1995, when the Airbus A310-324, registered YR-LCC, was scheduled as Tarom flight ROT371 with destination Brussels, took off from Bucharest-Otopeni airport at 06:06:44 UTC. Noticing this, Stoi asked his captain what was wrong. But just as they complete the shutdown checklist, a fire erupts and the aircraft is engulfed in flames. After a short flight from the Indonesian capital of Jakarta, Garuda Flight 200 hits the ground in Yogyakarta so hard it bounces violently twice before careening off the end of the runway. The flight was operated by TAROM, the flag carrier of Romania. It's a warning that the plane is about to stall. Lifeguards immediately race to the crash site but there are no survivors.

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