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the escapist 2 how to keep keys

It is a key for accessing workplaces like the woodshop, metalshop, kitchen, and laundry. The guards will have certain keys based on their order in the pre-game screen. Make a copy right away from a Key Mold and return the key back to guard's inventory. Or sit in a locker with the Keys in your crafting menu so guards won't attack you and dogs don't know you have the key and wait until lockdown is over. If the original key is kept in your inventory, you will be sent to solitary once the guard that the key was stolen from wakes up. THE BUG: You can keep ANY 3 items of your choosing including keys after capture/search. The Work key can open workroom doors, such as the janitor room. This can be sped up by showering, laying down in bed, or consuming certain items. Once you have the key, you’ll need to copy it using a Wad of Putty. The three stats that you must actively monitor are your Health, Stamina, and Heat stats, which are indicated with icons in the lower left corner. You will want to pay attention during this as they give you good info that will help you throughout the rest of the game. Prisons containing any of these three structures will likely have a Generator as well. they do not me and my friends have switched off keys many times (even while getting chased by dogs and stuff i drop the key picks it up and vice versa (also dogs can pick up the key). These stats can change instantly depending on your activities, and will recover over time. In The Escapists 2, there are six stats that players must manage and monitor throughout the game. The Escapists 2 - Guard Key Guide. These stats are listed within the character menu rather than the main display. This applies to any keys stolen from desks in Escapists 2, too. Keys are obtained by knocking out a guard, and they are used to open certain doors, allowing you to access certain areas in the prison. As I said with this generator you’ll be able to generate UNLIMITED The Escapists 2 KEYS on what platform you want. In this video I will be showing off some The Escapists 2 Gameplay! The Staff key opens critical areas prisoners can not access, such as the generator room, or the guards barracks. Join Our Newsletter and keep up to date on the latest from HyperX. I have noticed that if you take a key and put it in your desk, a inmates desk, or a player hidden compartment the guards will take the key back after lock down regardless of where it is stashed. so... sorry. Note that if you have a Job, you can access your job room without Keys, but not other jobs rooms (ie, if your Janitor, you can access the Janitor room, but not the Tailor room). I still feel like there is a way to do it, though... it's a race against the clock as lockdown seems to eventually end. If you plan on making a clean getaway in The Escapists 2, you’ll need to obtain guard keys to unlock and access certain parts of the prison. To create Molten Plastic, collect either a Comb or a Toothbrush, and craft it together with one Lighter. Join Our Newsletter and keep up to date on the latest from HyperX. HOW TO GET KEYS IN THE ESCAPIST 2 ON NINTENDO SWITCH. The dogs can even teleport into the vents if they want to! The Work Key is an item in The Escapists. But you can't exit the vents once you have the key, since dogs will be following you from under or above. You can run on the treadmill, punching the speedbag, or even do yoga to increase your Fitness level. When plotting your great escape in The Escapists 2, it’s important to understand your character stats and how they affect your overall capabilities. Utility Key (Orange in PC, Cyan in Console and Mobile)       ItemID: 7. There are 6 total stats to keep track of, 3 of which you can improve. The Fitness stat can be increased by working out in the prison gym. While planning your escape, you may also want to note all of the prison routines in The Escapists 2. because there would still be a bag left there after you left the game. If you plan on making a clean getaway in The Escapists 2, you’ll need to obtain guard keys to unlock and access certain parts of the prison. For more information on the game, be sure to search for Twinfinite. Red – Staff Key – opens areas prisoners cannot access, such as the generator. The Intellect stat determines your character’s overall intelligence. This guide will briefly explain how to copy guard keys in The Escapists 2 to get the Plastic Keys required for your escape plan. Each key in The Escapists 2 … You can find books to read throughout the prison, but your best bet would be to head over to the prison library. This stat also helps increase your overall Health. Purple – Entrance Key – can open the cell and entrance which would normally be locked. A guide to improving your character stats and skills in The Escapists 2. The Escapist 2 BUG - Keep ANY 3 Items/Keys on Death. Improving this stat will help you knock out guards more efficiently during an escape. In the Crafting menu, put the Wad of Putty and the Guard Key in the crafting slots and press Craft. Unlike Plastic Keys, Fake Keycards do not have a durability and can be used infinitely. You can also place a key in an inmate's desk. You will need to increase your Intellect in order to craft and use certain items, such as Plastic Keys. The Entrance key is only useful between 22:00 and 10:00, when exterior doors are locked. The Escapists 2 Item: Details Will be confiscated: Fake Keycards are crafted. You’re almost ready to create a duplicate guard key. Given that you’re a prison inmate in The Escapists 2, it shouldn’t come as too much … Different parts of the prison require specific colored keys. Even the best series has its peaks and troughs. There are three more character stats in The Escapists 2 that can be improved over time and can be managed more passively. It’s important to note which guards have which keys in your game so that you can know where to find the keys you need later. Every guard randomly carries one of the five keys with them. You can knock out guards to steal their keys., Blue doors (with star icons in TE2) can only be opened by guards or while the player is wearing a. This will create a Key Mold of that specific guard key. Health: Your total life. If your health drops to zero, you’ll pass out and be taken to the infirmary by the staff. You can also lose dog aggresion that are after your keys immediately. The staff will also confiscate any contraband items on your character at the time. You can name them the color key they have to easily remember who has what color key. Larryn is a full-time editor who has written guides and editorial features for various gaming websites. EDIT: AYYY They patched this almost right away. White doors can only be opened by the staff (warden, guards) or unlocked by the player during a prison takeover in a lockdown. Now, quickly return the original key back into the guard’s pockets before they wake up. While Fitness determines the amount of attacks you can perform in combat, Strength helps determine how much damage you’re doing with each attack. Reading books and using computers will help increase your Intellect in The Escapists 2. The guard to the leftmost position (Guard #1) has the Cell Key, the guy beside him (Guard #2) has the Utility key, and so on. It is a key that is used for going into utility areas such as the girls bathroom Warden Guards By using the site, you are consenting to this. Find a guard who has the key that you need, and lure them away from the infirmary. All Discussions ... You can't hide keys, you need to make plastic ones using moulds using the real keys, then dumping the real key on the floor or flushing it. The higher your Fitness stat, the more hits you can get in during a fight to do more damage. Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts. If you’re wanting to access specific areas, you’re going to need a key. Additionally, on the PC version of The Escapists 1, after preforming the Cell Key Glitch, you can simply take the guard's key and give them the glitched Cell Key, and you won't be sent to solitary. They function as a normal Keycard, and must be used by the player(s), as a lost Keycard triggers a lockdown just like a lost Key. We promise to handle your information in line with our privacy policy. Good luck! There are a few colored doors that don't have their own respective key. Make a copy of that key with a Wad of Putty and return the key back to guard's inventory. The Utility key can open utility areas, which usually leads to ladders to the roof or ventilation. EDIT: AYYY They patched this almost right away. This is only possible if this is done in evening rollcall. Make sure to hide the duplicate in the Hidden Compartment inside your desk to ensure it doesn’t get taken. First, let me go over a few basics. Here’s how each one breaks down. All you need now is Molten Plastic to pour into your new Key Mold. Read more about our cookie policy. A plastic copy of a key can be made with a Key Mold and Molten Plastic. The Cell key is only useful between 23:00 and 8:00, when cells are locked. The putty is used for making an impression of the key, giving you a Key Mold to craft a duplicate guard key. Above you can see the order for PC. If the guard wakes up and finds their key missing, you’ll be punished. Silver doors in TE2 cannot be opened by players in any way, and only appear to open during escape cutscenes. Different areas require different types of keys, but to get any of them, you’re going to have to steal them. The Escapists Wiki is a Fandom Gaming Community. The source of power for prisons The Generator is the power source of the prison, and allows Cameras, Metal Detectors, and Electric Fences to function. The Escapist 2 BUG - Keep ANY 3 Items/Keys on Death. Another way is to put the key in crafting when knocked out and taken to solitary and wait out lockdown. You can knock out guards to steal their keys. This site uses cookies to provide enhanced features and functionality.

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