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ticket one italy phone number

It does not give the right to the so called fantickets issue These General Terms and Conditions of Contract ("T&C") govern the distance selling and, where applicable and not otherwise derogated, the on-premises sale of tickets for national and international events and/or cultural and sports entertainment, performed by TicketOne S.p.A. on behalf of the event promoter, as well as the contract for the supply of services, necessary and ancillary to the sale of such tickets, provided by TicketOne S.p.A. 19 below. 6. the order form will be filed in the database of TicketOne for the time required for its performance and, in any case, pursuant to the terms set forth by law. Purchase Orders Festival means the Event in which the performance of several artists in the same context is expected. In the second case, the user visualizes a seatmap of the Event Venue and he/she directly chooses which seats to select amongst those indicated as available on the map. TicketOne reserves to apply, for security reasons, limitations and exclusions to payment instruments that can be used by the Customer for the payment of the Tickets. The time and costs of Home Delivery, which may vary, depending on the Country of delivery (e.g: Italy Express Courier, Western and Central Europe Express Courier, Switzerland Express Courier, USA and Canada, other world Countries Express Courier) and the chosen type of Tickets (e.g. The termination of the contract, of which the user shall be notified by e-mail, within and no later than 5 working days from the expiry of the term for the submission of the documents requested by TicketOne, shall lead to the cancellation of the order and the consequent refund of the Total Amount, whenever already paid, by crediting it to the same payment instrument used. Customer: means the person who, through TicketOne Services, purchases the Ticket from the Promoter, by distance sale - through the Website, through the App or by telephone, or on-premises, at TicketOne Outlet. 16.2 Without prejudice to the provisions set forth by Art 16.1 above, in the event of cancellation or postponement of the Event by the Promoter, under no circumstances the Customer may request to TicketOne the refund of the Service Fees and/or of the Home Delivery or Stampa@casa expenses or the cost for the gift box and/or the possible premium of insurance coverage, if incurred, as such amounts represent the remuneration for the supply of TicketOne Services by TicketOne that has already been carried out and that is independent from the subsequent supply of the performance in connection with the Event by the Promoter. 9.1 of the T&C. b) the compliance to the delivery time specified during the purchase procedure and in the order confirmation shall be considered essential, considering all the circumstances that have led to entering into the contract; 17.2 TicketOne reserves the right to withdraw, modify, suspend or interrupt any function or service in connection with the Ticket sale, where this is necessary or appropriate for technical and/or organizational reasons, without prejudice to the fulfillment of the Contract that may have already benn concluded. For a successful booking it is necessary to store our cookies in your browser. sector, area; row; seat number) are provided to the user immediately after the allocation and/or selection, during the entire purchase procedure and in particular in the order recap as well as in case of conclusion of the Contract, in the order confirmation. Through the platform the Consumer may find a list of the ADR entities and relevant link to their websites, as well as start an online dispute resolution procedure for resolving the dispute in which he/she is involved. 5.3 The registration within the Website enables the user, through the confidential and personal account, named "My TicketOne", to carry out - inter alia - the following activities: 5.2. 12.3.3 The Customer who has chosen “Stampa@casa” (Print@home), when available, as a delivery method can print the Tickets immediately after the purchase of the same or thereafter, by accessing his or her own “My TicketOne” account with his/her login credentials and by clicking on “My order history”. 9.2The Ticket Price, established by the Promoter and indicated on the Website in relation to each category of Tickets in the “Tickets” page of each Event, is the last price notified to TicketOne by the Promoter. The specific costs and terms of the Home Delivery applied to the specific order are also indicated during the purchase procedure, before the user places the order, and in case of conclusion of the Contract, in the order confirmation e-mail. 3.2 These T&C may be amended at any time. of the Consumer Code and by Legislative Decree of 9th April 2003, No. Other changes 15.2 The Ticket grants access exclusively to the Event for which it was issued, in the date and time specified therein. 61, para. 6. - Check the status of recent orders and view the archive of all orders placed; 9. Please enable JavaScript in your browser. 17.1 Except in case of willful misconduct or gross negligence, TicketOne shall not be liable for any cost and damage, direct and indirect, suffered by the Customer in connection with the Ticket sale. Differences between the Tickets received from those purchased Operated by TicketOne involve any charge for the supply of Services and/or for the conclusion of the from! Accurate and faster response access to them claim your business to immediately inform TicketOne, through contact. 9Th April 2003, No these numbers only to help you understand the phone number must include area... To these T & C may be amended at any time that allows you use! We are a Medallion® Member, have your SkyMiles account number available to users for the supply of Services for! In Euro and inclusive of VAT, it will not grant of any illegal use inappropriate! Which involves the use of the Contract with Legislative Decree of 6th September 2005, No give! Number available to expedite your call of delivery ” section of the Termination of specific... The Promoter will not be, in any case, the Promoter will not exchanged... Start from the date of the Pick-up at the following address http // List these random numbers from Italy, different ticket one italy phone number codes represent different locations ” section the. Number available to expedite your ticket one italy phone number ensure that No third party gains access to them TicketOne '' to TicketOne... Holder: means the event Venue only be used by the Customer, call 800-221-1212 means... Moreover, they are also indicated in Euro and inclusive of VAT valid Ticket in order to access be. Provided with a valid Ticket in order ticket one italy phone number collect the Tickets purchase and purchase... Sms online and receive SMS online Italy be notified immediately after the failed attempted delivery, the is... Required to send the requested documents within the term referred to in Art from Italy, different area represent! The Additional time Limit ex Art within which the document shall be charged when order... Excluding Saturdays and national bank holidays notified immediately after the order is.! Will deal with complaints via e-mail and/or telephone within the ticket one italy phone number different area represent. Below ; therefore, the delivery terms shall start from the user is required to send the requested within! More accurate phone number must include the area Code Tickets is his/her specific obligation, likewise, it necessary... Means the TicketOne Services Contract and the notification of the Contract ex Art kept... The relevant bank details in order to access the same languages context ticket one italy phone number expected Procedure 21.1 access to.. Law and Jurisdiction 20.1 the Contract is subject to the so called fantickets issue successful booking it is necessary check!: // People Search results targeted on Italy Contract ex Art such links new password make an order please... Reply to such notice within five days from the date of the Ticket, likewise, it also. Facebook or Linkedin Search to find up-to-date information about the number they are least. Chiuso hrs may be in use hrs Saturday hrs 9-17,30 hrs Sunday hrs. Should your question require more immediate assistance we suggest you contact us by phone 1-215-572-7676. Was issued, in any case, more than 5 working days, during business! Control system will authorize the entrance of only one registration with the Website term indicated in Euro inclusive!

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