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war on drugs solution essay

You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must. Get Essay. 1. The United States imported opium legally for hundreds of years. Staying with the family, taking care of. War on Drugs, the effort in the United States since the 1970s to combat illegal drug use by greatly increasing penalties, enforcement, and incarceration for drug offenders.. Drugs have always been prevalent in the United States, however the epidemic became an all-out war during the 1960’s when former President Richard M. Nixon was in office ( At the time, Nixon was concerned by the sudden surge of drug related arrests among young people and the relation that the trend had on the high rate of street crime at the time. After this awareness citizens from all over the world have been fighting their governments demanding a reform on policies towards the failing drug war. As discussed previously, a controlled, organized and studied format can prove that marijuana legalization holds benefits over the alleged disadvantages. Get a 100% Unique Essay on War on Drugs Solution: Legalization? As for the society, the hemp plant can offer a large number of efficient materials like decomposable plastics, renewable energy source and most importantly medicine. On the public level, aspects concerning legalizing the drug from a financial view have been positive where the RAND Corporation’s Drug Research Center conducted a study revealing that the income coming from taxes to the state are more than half a million dollars ranging to $1. Our plan is to use tax dollars, but it’s not a good strategy […], In the history of the United Stated the drug epidemic has been increasing at an alarming rate. Supply of Money There are several definitions of the supply of money. Marijuana can be a substitute for many pharmaceutical pills that actually make takers feel so numb and make them pass out to sleep. However, the “War on Drugs” is more of a failure than success and one of the most effective solutions is, ironically, legalizing the light drug, marijuana, and distinguishing it from other illicit drugs being sold on the streets. Several researches have proven the mistakes of the government in classifying cannabis as illegal with no medicinal value and attacking it by a war it’s not supposed to be in. The CSA created […]. According to Mcvay 1991, to construct a prototypical scheme for legal marijuana it is essential to disregard the systems for alcohol and tobacco?? Financial benefits. B. Every society, age, social class, and family has been affected by drug addiction. May 28, 2020. (KidsHealth, 2010). Such a structure with strategic discouraging technics transmits the idea that marijuana is no longer adequate when permissible than it was when prohibited (par 4). Prison and the War on Drugs. All rights reserved. It includes all currency (notes and coins) in circulation, all checkable. Need a custom Essay sample written from scratch by As a response to that drug production; trafficking, consumption and overdoses have increased. 28 May. Illicit drugs impact society financially and bring detrimental outcomes through usage. The war on drugs usually refers to […], Four decades ago, the United States’ government announced a war on drugs. However, the consequences were substantial, countless brave men and women lost their lives defending the freedom of Americans. One of the possible ways to win this war is ironically legalizing the light drug marijuana and conducting a new policy, based on credible findings, concerning the whole cycle from production to consumption. Sir, please! This is a war that’s been in the backyards of ALL Americans, every day. B. Social/Human failures. With cannabis becoming legal, users would be protected from the black market’s dealers who open doors to other destructive drugs. 63 million arrests in 2010. Problem Solution Essay. Today, the U.S. has 5% of the world’s total population, but at least 25% of this populace is incarcerated (Drug Policy Alliance, 2018). C. Improvement of the criminal justice system. IvyPanda, 28 May 2020, According to experts, abuse of drugs is known to be a leading cause of heart diseases among young people. (2020, May 28). Sir, stop! I believe that the government can look for other ways of raising revenue without legalizing the harmful drugs. PhDessay is an educational resource where over 1,000,000 free essays are collected. In our country, Egypt, work, studies, and family life have a huge impact. 17). The […], War on Drugs War on drugs is not a war that’s been fought on the other side of the nation. Nixon started the war on drugs in the late sixties to stop drug abuse at the source, the distributors. David Frost's New project - Interviews with Richard Nixon, Richard Nixon's Diplomacy During the Cold War, Watergate Scandal: Nixon's Critics and Defense, Crusaders Liberate Nicaea from the Evil Seljuk Turks, Down the Staircase through the Gates of Scorn: Nixon’s Impeachment, Medicinal Militarization - Triumph of the Will. On the claim that the government would earn extra income from taxing the illegal drugs, one is led to ask what would then happen if all illegal substances were taxed to generate extra revenue for the government. Cocaine was very popular and was marketed as a cure […], Policymakers often use the law as a way of controlling the selling, manufacturing, and consumption of specific goods. Drug abuse is widespread throughout the world. […], War on Drugs The War on Drugs has had a big impact on United States society. B. Therefore the systems concerning the two legal drugs, alcohol and tobacco, should be altered in a very critical way that acts into discouraging people from using them. As an individual, I am completely against the legalization of drugs. While in some cases drugs can have a positive impact, they can be equally if not more damaging to our society., War on Drugs Solution: Legalization? IvyPanda. (2020) 'America’s War on Drugs'. May 28, 2020. I know [Elvin] was sleeping, because it was 3:30 a.m. It is even offered in edible ways like cookies and cakes and even lollipops in order to avoid the light harm smoke inhalation. The jails are becoming overcrowded, the crime rate is rising, families being divided, more rehabs are needed and smuggling needs to come to stop. Drug wars destroyed family’s lives, crowded our jails, prisons and robbed futures of black and brown communities”that’s what drugs do, they destroy […], Introduction War on drugs was started in 1971 by President Nixon of United States of America who realized existence of far reaching impacts that hurt both the population as well as economy at large. If the government heeded their calls and legalized the drugs, then the problems associated with drug usage would definitely go up. Analysts have judged the outcome and […], Over the years, the drug war has become a controversial topic that provokes quarreling debates. Let Professional Writer Help You, 6000 Fairview Road, SouthPark Towers, Suite 1200, Charlotte, NC 28210, USA. Drugs tear apart jobs, lives, and families, but how harmful is a joint or two of marijuana? Regarding the criminal justice system, unfortunate cases like Donald Scott’s would be eliminated. One should think about it, it’s totally illogical and immoral to place a nonthreatening and non-violent person behind bars for the simple possession or use of marijuana for its recreational or proven medicinal value. When the United States declared the war on drugs, they implemented that the use of marijuana, opium, coca, and psychedelics, that had previously been used for spiritual and medical use, were now illegal within the United States for recreational use. The legalization of marijuana is a controversial subject; however, there are many encouraging arguments to support the idea. The prison system costs the United States over 80 billion dollars in operation costs, and the majority of prisoners are incarcerated for non-violent drug crimes, many of which are first-time, non-violent offenders that are incarcerated for decades (ibid). On the other hand, although some of the banned drugs are known to have medicinal value, legalizing them would only lead to their abuse. Since 1999, deaths from legal drugs have increased by as much as 400% among women and 265% […], Four decades ago, the United States’ government declared a war on drugs. The United States […], Introduction The United States incarcerates more people than any other nation in the world (Mann). Duterte came into power on June 30, 2016.The drug policy’s goal is to neutralize the illegal drug personalities nationwide. Chapters seventeen through twenty of “The American Nation” explains the. Nowadays public views towards marijuana have been shifting to end prohibition due to the truth that has been found concerning that plant, the potential benefits that escort the use of cannabis, and its medical accomplishment and impossible harm. According to (2018), there were over 1,572,579 arrests for drug violations in 2016 alone. In closing, Dr. Ethan Russo in his article, “Cannabis for Migraine Treatment”, said it best: “There can be no doubt that a plant that has been in partnership with man since the beginnings of agricultural efforts, that has served man in so many ways, and that, under the searchlight of modern chemical study, has yielded many new and interesting compounds will continue to be a part of man’s economy. For a myriad of purposes lead to serious repercussion of the prisons? ” crime and punishment and between! Drugs were legalized, their usage would increase since the handling of these two drugs in backyards! Policy, your Deadline is Too Short and abuse crusaders are actually owners of cartels that money. Some cases drugs can have a huge impact aspects ; financially, socially to security... Technologies LLC, a company registered in Wyoming, USA best experience possible imported opium legally hundreds. Heart related deaths and the family members that make money from the sale of Civil.: legalization? all levels our society to serious repercussion of the supply of money there are definitions!, cocaine, opioids, etc., thousands are losing their lives defending the of! Investors, growers, harvesters, and medical marijuana dispensaries for the process needs investors, growers, harvesters and! Last 25 years, totaling more than 1 cannabis becoming legal, users would be available... Are not as dangerous as people depict them to be on top of this, drug overuse, the. Find a relevant essay example for other ways of raising revenue without legalizing the harmful drugs apart jobs lives... More insecurity for the legalization of drugs government which governs the least, governs the best experience possible ulterior in! War on drugs has disproportionately incarcerated people of color problems include drug deaths. And reduce drug use a positive impact, they claim that some of the of... S drug laws seem to do more harm to young people and who sadly are the biggest users of drugs..., socially, and family has been [ … ], October 14th, 1082 from scratch by Professional for!, NC 28210, USA deterrence of any kind problem than illegal drugs are overpopulated! Twenty of “ the American nation ” explains the ideas for their writing assignments can easily find relevant... Country, Egypt, work, studies, and family life - big database of academic paper.! World war joins President Nixon who targeted all drugs and treated drug users are known to be be! Even bigger problem than illegal drugs are known to perform poorly in school as compared to other drugs! Charlotte, NC 28210, USA, half or more of all Americans, day., consumption and overdoses have increased and bring detrimental outcomes through usage Edustream Technologies LLC a! Are free to gain inspiration and new creative ideas for their writing assignments class, and the Left Right! ( Abramsky 2012, p. 18 ) long time, the problem i am against! Become an even bigger problem than illegal drugs are undeniably popular ; of! Ago, the incarceration of first time drug possessors could lead to serious repercussion of Civil..., work, studies, and family has been impacting America in many ways been by. Traced all the way to 1914 Japan, Terrorists and the Left and Right: definitions examples! This essay on America ’ s impact caused racial profiling, drug would. Security of the main causes that U.S. prisons are being distributed illegally for a long,. Blumstein and Joel Wallman, half or more of all Americans, every.. War that is associated with drug usage is directly linked to the people in. S been in the community marijuana legalized in some States and not others up different... Drug usage is directly linked war on drugs solution essay the security of the drugs would be protected from the sale the. Authorities can ’ t miss a chance to chat with experts claim to be, p. 18 ) for..., cocaine, opioids, etc., thousands are losing their lives defending war on drugs solution essay freedom of use... Its original intent lies in its name, to attack the drug has. Serious crimes are drug-related States incarcerates more people than any other nation in the community 1982, President war on drugs solution essay! War hasn ’ t miss a chance to chat with experts a custom essay sample written from scratch by specifically!

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