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work breakdown structure alternatives

A work breakdown structure (WBS) is the perfect tool to do so as it helps illustrate and divide a project’s moving parts into smaller pieces. The output of scope management is a specification that may be presented as a product breakdown structure (PBS) showing the deliverables and a work breakdown structure (WBS) showing the work required to produce them. The next level down shows the components that make up the higher level. The WBS forms the basis of the Project Plan, decomposing the main project into stages, then workpackages then into sub-activities per work-package. Risk Breakdown Structure - Hierarchy of risks broken down by category. Again, internal and external products are differentiated in the diagram. Contrast that with the static nature of a work breakdown structure. Can benefits management improve programme predictability and build stakeholders’ confidence in the nuclear industries? If so you will not be able to deliver the outcome or have products in the PBS that in the cold light of day aren't required. If you want to know more about story maps, why not join him on his forthcoming agil8 Agile Analysis and Story Writing course, Jeff Paton is the originator of the Story Mapping technique, which was created as an alternative to the flat user story backlog. Products can be represented on the project plan as milestones and linked to the outputs of their associated work-packages. The planning process will add management activities to the WBS to show the work involved in managing aspects such as risk and communications. It can also form a useful bridge between the delivering organisation and the outcomes required of the project. “I can see how you might think that and at face value the shape and form of the story map end result may look very similar. If products will only be partially finished at a stage boundary then intermediate products should be created to ensure that quality checks can be carried out. Organised by "Project Team" as sub-units this structure identifies who is available to work on the project and forms the basis for decision making around matching teams to work-package in the WBS. Like many things, a story map is not about the result, it’s about the journey. Here in this first webinar presented on Tuesday 29 September 2020, started with why a “good” Earned Value Management System (EVMS) and associated baseline is required to support valid Earned Value Analysis (EVA). In contrast to the PBS the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) provides a hierarchical structure of project activity. Work Breakdown Structure Definition . A Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) is a breakdown of all the work that will go into completing a project. Other "Breakdown" structures you might like to consider, See Work Breakdown Structure organizes the work to provide value and work towards producing tangible results. David Putman is a trainer and Associate at A WBS can then be built to organise the construction of products as a set of work-packages and associated tasks. The PBS therefore provides a useful management-tracking tool preventing stage boundaries from being passed without tangible progress being made. Do you have products without work-packages? In PRINCE2 the PBS (or more specifically the Project Log) also forms the basis of the quality assurance process. More than 20 professional types of graphs to choose from . It is entirely possible (indeed probable) that the PBS and WBS will look quite different. As a leader, a peer and a colleague, I have certainly seen the most significant impact on people’s wellbeing during the past month. A ‘can-do' attitude won’t help you deliver webinar, An introduction to an effective earned value management system (EVMS) webinar series part 3. This helps define the logic of the delivery plan. The output of scope management is a specification that may be presented as a product breakdown structure (PBS) showing the deliverables and a work breakdown structure (WBS) showing the work required to produce them. Are all work-packages broken down into sufficient detail to be clear to the deliverer what is required? Once completed the WBS gives confidence that the tasks required to deliver all outcomes are understood and that the ordering is correct. Hugo Minney and Roger Martin explore if a change in the focus would do this. However, you would typically do the work breakdown structure for the whole project at the very beginning and it would probably go right down to task level.”, I posed a question for him, “What do you think the breakdown of stories on the backlog would like if we tried to decompose them all before the start of the project?” He thought for a while before answering but then said, “I guess if we’d used work breakdown structures, it would have been one person’s responsibility to do the breakdown. Hugo Minney and Roger Martin explore if a change in the focus would do this. The levels of detail are dependent upon the complexity of the project. The diagram below illustrates the idea. Product Breakdown Structures and Work Breakdown Structures look very similar and both have important roles to play in the project planning and control process. To be truly effective the WBS and resulting plan need to fit neatly with the organisation structure that will be doing the delivery. They result from discussions and questions asked within the community, the content is developed from users’ responses and edited by APM. The story map is a dynamic artefact that comes about through collaboration between all team members. Notice that the ordering of delivery differs in this case from the PBS structure. If so these things need to be moved to the PBS and the "things" replaced in the WBS by "make thing" work-packages. Notice that items are couched in terms of a verb and a noun. © 2020 Association for Project Management, Under pressure? The WBS is a hierarchical structure that breaks down complex activities into more manageable parts, allowing users to see the individual deliverables that need to be completed in order to reach a project’s overarching goal. Our story map is a reflection of everybody’s input.” He continued, ”The story map also shows the alternatives and the incremental way in which it will be developed, which you don’t get in a work breakdown structure.”. Cost Breakdown Structure - matched back to the WBS this can provide a useful connection between your Project Finances and the requirements of the Finance Department addressing all those perennial issues around cost centres and expense authorisation/invoice payment/Levels of Authority for spend etc. Once a solution has been … It was the end of what had been, for me, a very enjoyable first day of our two-day story writing class. Culture, communication, clarity – what to focus on when you need to keep a complex project on track. Organising the work into work-packages simplifies resource and team planning and provides the basis upon which a realistic plan can be constructed. "Test Plan" or "Training Delivered". Are all products couched as nouns or outcomes in the past tense? Web briefings are constantly evolving within the online community and are intended as a guide to issues within the profession. Have all external products been identified and sourcing confirmed? It is therefore a useful source of risks and external dependencies for the project manager. Slow governance’ and its impact on timely decision making needs to be resolved. In contrast to the PBS the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) provides a hierarchical structure of project activity. The past few weeks have, for many, proved to be the most difficult of the year. Still, the construction industry uniquely benefits from breaking things down a step further, and a visual tool like a WBS flowchart will help project participants understand where they fit into the big picture. Examples include: cost breakdown structure (CBS), organisational breakdown structure (OBS), product breakdown structure (PBS), and work breakdown structure (WBS). Once a solution has been identified which meets the stakeholder requirements, the scope of the work can be illustrated using a product breakdown structure (PBS) and a work breakdown structure (WBS). Contributors: Ian Hughes (Oldloggie), Pauline Pritchard (popugo), Mike Beniston (MikeB), Neil Curtis, Neil Gee (neilgee67), Jason Lee, Grant Smith, Simon Springate, Patrick Weaver, Matt Whyndham. If you like it represents the project “to do list.” Its focus is on “work” not “things.” Similar to the Product Log, a WBS Dictionary can be produced in conjunction with the WBS to store relevant detailed information in support of the planning process. Resource Breakdown Structure - a hierarchy of all resources planned for use on the project.

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